plastic filler

plastic wood

A putty-like, rapid-drying filler; composed primarily of nitrocellulose and wood flour dispersed in volatile solvents; used for repairing holes and cracks in wood.
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By lightly pressing the protective pad against any surface, the Filler Detective will light up and sound an alert indicating the presence of a non-original substance (such as plastic filler, or similar products).
For many years, Manning was plagued by companies selling so-called 'Japanese' synthetic opals--under the 'Gilson' name--that contained up to 50+% of a plastic filler. (Such material does fluoresce to long-wave UV radiation, but there is no phosphorescence.) So exasperated was Manning that he delighted in setting fire to the blatant counterfeit material with a cigarette lighter (e.g.
Pop out the plastic filler plate from the front of the computer.
Is there a PVC or plastic filler that I can use to repair the bite marks?
This process consists of five stages (as shown in figure 2) in which the first operator is in charge of supervising the automatic tablet filling machine and inserting a desiccant or plastic filler into the securitainers.
When one did get the seat up, one was presented with a cheap plastic filler cap that would not have been out of place on a lawn mower.
The company has three blow-molding lines, two for gas tanks and one for filler pipe production (the initial customer for the plastic filler pipes is BMW; while plastic filler pipes have made in-roads in Europe, they have yet to catch on in the U.S.].
Muscovite is used for a huge range of mica products such as cosmetics, auto paint, plastic filler, coating for shingles and roofing, and a number of construction applications.
However, instead of a plastic filler, DUCT5 was enabled with powerful mathematical blending and filleting tools.
it is used as a plastic filler material; for clutches and brake aipplications-.