plastic flooring

vinyl tile

A floor tile composed principally of polyvinyl chloride but also containing mineral fillers, pigments, plasticizers, and stabilizers; does not require waxing; usually set in mastic over a wood or concrete subfloor.
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A third outraged viewer remarked: "What an absolutely vile woman #countryfile Did she have her kids on plastic flooring? Did she give her kids one toy in a corner?
For the first game many people also sat on the plastic flooring. However, this might not be wise during a busier match.
Outdoor Storage Shed featuring high-density polyethylene plastic, powder-coated steel, and stain resistant polyethylene plastic flooring. Just cover the vents, build a foundation, and you're ready to roll.
"We provide bathroom suites including baths, shower enclosures, furniture, wall and floor tiles, cladding, showerwall, cushion flooring, plastic flooring.
In the past, skeuomorphic design has meant car wheels with fake knock-off hub cabs and plastic flooring that looks like wood, but with smartphone, tablet and computer operating systems it has come to mean applications like the contacts book and calendar that are designed to look like their real-world counterparts.
Washington, Jan 21 ( ANI ): Exposure to chemical group phthalates, which are commonly used in plastic flooring and wall coverings, food processing materials, medical devices, and personal-care products, could play a role in rising childhood obesity rates, a new study has revealed.
When we had the inspection I was only told that we needed to repaint the walls and replace the plastic flooring.
The house can be installed on a concrete pad or a galvanised steel base and gravel, over which durable non-slip plastic flooring is placed at grade level, he said.
Modular plastic flooring is available, and strongly recommended, as well as storm straps, pegs and ties for outside use.
Until then, sufferers will just have to keep cats out of the bedroom and living area and replace carpets with wooden, laminate or plastic flooring.
More than 300 different types of plastic flooring are produced, ranging from different wooden effects to ones which simulate glass and metal effects, bright colours and textures.