plastic skylight

molded plastic skylight

A skylight molded of transparent or translucent plastic, which allows the passage of light to the space below.
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He stepped on a 1mm plastic skylight panel, which shattered and caused the labourer to fall 2.3m to the concrete floor.
* A tough plastic skylight helps provide natural daylight, thermal resistance, and UV protection to help save energy.
When rain falls on a glass window or a plastic skylight cover, it often forms beads.
Officers chased Ian to nearby Tynecastle Garage, where he fell through the plastic skylight.
Roofing: Built-up bituminous roofing system with plastic skylight
He was waiting for his go on a children's ride at their resort when he stepped backwards and crashed through a plastic skylight in the floor.
In the North-East recently, examples include a farmer who was killed when he fell through a plastic skylight in a fibre-cement barn roof, another who suffered serious fractures when the untied and unsupported ladder he was using slipped, and an employee who suffered major fractures when he fell through a fibre-cement roof while trying to repair it.
He suffered serious injuries to his head and body after falling through a plastic skylight on to cars and machinery 20ft below and was on life support in Edinburgh's Western General Hospital last night.
Callum's nightmare started after he tumbled backwards through the ground-level plastic skylight into a basement below.
A ROOF worker crashed through a plastic skylight and plunged more than 21ft on to a shop floor.