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The plastic viscosity of Portland cement pastes plasticised with the superplasticiser (PCE) was investigated in order to evaluate the influence of the effectiveness of plasticising of plasticising admixtures on the change in the water demand in different water content (the ratio of W/C) (Figure 7).
Plasticised dough fat is palm oil that has been processed by being put through a scraped surface heat exchanger at pressure and this changes its crystalline structure and causes it to become of a margarine-like consistency.
Plasticised PVC as used for soft toys, is equally safe under normal conditions but there has been some recent queries as to whether it is safe for very young children who might bite at it for long periods, when there is a risk, although very slight, of a trace of the plasticiser being extracted.
Kautex Purge is fed into the extruder barrel in the same way as regular material and, depending on the type of residue, plasticised at temperatures from 180 to 300 degC.