plate anchor

sill anchor, plate anchor

An anchor bolt used to fasten a sill to its foundation.
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Arguably the biggest hurdle came in March 2013- After tensioning the masonry plate anchor rods on two of the shear keys (devices that resist seismic loads) on the east main pier (Pier E2), some of the rods fractured.
The apparatus comprises two steel plate anchors and high-strength bolts [10], which are used for prestressing; one end the steel strand is fixed to a steel plate anchor, looped around a concrete column; then the other end is fixed to another steel plate anchor.
By evaluating the bearing stress distribution at the plate anchor, Su et al.
The load-deflection response of the unstrengthened control beam B0, the specimen beam with external bonded posttensioned CFRP plates B-GR-0-T, the specimen beam with unbonded posttensioned CFRP plate immediately adherent to the tension surface of the RC member UB-KC-0-T, and the strengthened beam with unbonded posttensioned CFRP plate anchored on the ungrooved tension surface of the concrete beam UB-NC-0-T are given in Figure 12(b).
presented an analytical model to predict the pullout capacity and the load-displacement relationship for shallow single vertical helical and plate anchors, with the assumption that failure mechanism consisted of logarithmic spiral rupture in sand [14].
A sturdy backing plate anchors the tablet, and it's fully adjustable for tablet angle.
* Approved plate anchors properly spaced (communicate the wall layout to avoid anchors in door openings).
This edition includes new chapters on suction and caisson anchors, and separate chapters devoted to horizontal plate anchors in sand, horizontal plate anchors in clay, helical anchors in sand, and single-helix screw anchors in clay.
Four types of anchors are being considered: plate anchors; suction piles; driven piles in clay, sand, or silt; and drilled and grouted anchors in bedrock.