plate anchor

sill anchor, plate anchor

An anchor bolt used to fasten a sill to its foundation.
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8) (2) locking plate anchor pin (2) o-ring shoe anchor as568-518 (8).
Arguably the biggest hurdle came in March 2013- After tensioning the masonry plate anchor rods on two of the shear keys (devices that resist seismic loads) on the east main pier (Pier E2), some of the rods fractured.
To anchor the bearing assemblies, more than 190 masonry plate anchor rods extend full length through the Pier E2 cap for bearings B1 through B4 and the S3 and S4 shear keys.
Tenders are invited for Cover Plate Anchor Link Icf Drg.
presented an analytical model to predict the pullout capacity and the load-displacement relationship for shallow single vertical helical and plate anchors, with the assumption that failure mechanism consisted of logarithmic spiral rupture in sand [14].
A sturdy backing plate anchors the tablet, and it's fully adjustable for tablet angle.
Approved plate anchors properly spaced (communicate the wall layout to avoid anchors in door openings).
This edition includes new chapters on suction and caisson anchors, and separate chapters devoted to horizontal plate anchors in sand, horizontal plate anchors in clay, helical anchors in sand, and single-helix screw anchors in clay.
Plate anchors have high holding capacity-to-weight ratios, so the cost-to-performance ratio of an individual anchor is low.
Sill plate anchors were inserted into the mortar, with four plates in each long wall and two plates in each short wall.
Again, before averaging ill the same tests, the plate anchors varied from 4kgf/kg to over 400kgf/ kg, perhaps underlining the Fact that plate anchors work exceptionally well ill some environments--and not at all in others.
Discussion is of horizontal, vertical, and inclined plate anchors, helical anchors, and anchor piles, and includes photos and diagrams.