plate beam

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plate girder, plate beam

A steel girder built up of plates and angles (or other structural shapes), welded or riveted together.
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6 miles of resurfacing, hma shoulders, concrete gutter, earth excavation and grading and shaping ditches, includes 2,660 cy earth excavation; 2 acres seeding; 1,569 sy hma base; 973 ton hma surface; 11,587 sy hma surface removal; 2,122 ft gutter removal; 295 ton hma shoulders; 2,022 ft concrete gutter; 487 ft steel plate beam guardrail; 6 traffic barrier terminals; 15,570 ft shoulder rumble strips; 210 sf sign panel; 30,805 ft paint pavement marking; 54 raised reflective pavement markers.
Tenders are invited for 14,043 sy hma surface removal; 150 ft steel plate beam guardrail; 146 sf thermoplastic pavement marking letters and symbols; 13,385 ft thermoplastic pavement marking line; 433 ton polymerized leveling binder (machine method); 1,180 hma surface.
7 acres seeding; 13,207 sy erosion control blanket; 3,307 lf perimeter erosion barrier; 190 ton leveling binder; 376 ton hma surface; 3,975 sy hma surface removal; removal of 3 structures; 470 cy structure excavation; 270 lf precast concrete box culverts; 225 lf steel plate beam guardrail; 4 traffic barrier terminals; 1,353 lf guardrail removal; 675 cy non-special waste disposal; 4,990 lf paint pavement marking; mobilization; traffic control and protection.
7 sy protective coat; 425~ steel plate beam guardrail; 8 traffic barrier terminal; 2,000~ paint pavement marking; 59.
Tenders are invited for includes 3,670 sy subbase granular material; 270,900 lb bituminous materials (tack coat); 23,270 ton hma binder; 23,660 ton polymerized hma surface; 22,930 ton polymerized hma binder; 70 ton incidental hma surfacing; 350,590 sy hma surface removal; 5,930 sy class a patches; 13,040~ saw cuts; 3,330 ton aggregate wedge shoulder; 213,560 sy hma shoulders; 143,330~ pipe underdrains; 5,375~ steel plate beam guardrail; 40 traffic barrier terminal; 136,460~ thermoplastic pavement marking; 21,890~ preformed plastic pavement marking; 1,770 raised reflective pavement marker; 141,290~ grooving for recessed pavement marking; 68,230~ longitudinal joint sealant; 69,860 ton material transfer device; mobilization; traffic control and protection.
5 lf steel plate beam guardrail; 8 traffic barrier terminal; 2,016 lf paint pavement marking; 10 raised reflective pavement marker; 1 l sum containment and disposal of non-lead paint cleaning residues; cleaning and painting 1 steel bridge; 768.
Tenders are invited for work includes 62 ton hma surface; 19 cy concrete removal; 31 cy concrete superstructure; 4,210 lb structural steel; 4,910 lb rebar; 180 ft preformed joint strip seal; 28 elastomeric bearing assemblies; 138 sf structural repair of concrete; 119 sy deck slab repair; 1,853 sy bridge deck scarification; 1,830 sy bridge deck concrete overlay; 887 ft steel plate beam guardrail; 16 traffic barrier terminals; 1,773 ft guardrail removal; 9,120 ft paint pavement marking; mobilization; traffic control and protection.
Tenders are invited for 1,874 cy earth excavation 2,195 cy channel excavation; 1,812~ perimeter erosion barrier; 1,451 ton riprap; 92 ton aggregate surface; 218 ton hma binder; 149 ton hma surface; 361 ton aggregate shoulders; 103 ton hma shoulders; removal of existing structure; 2 cofferdams; 200 cy concrete structures; 320 cy concrete superstructures; 789~ prestressed concrete i-beams; 94,880 lb rebar; 1,650~ steel piles; 775~ steel plate beam guardrail; 8 traffic barrier terminals; 376~ guardrail removal; 2,093~ paint pavement marking; 1.
Tenders are invited for 540 sy subbase granular material; 635 sy pavement removal; 247 sy pavement connector for bridge approach slab; 60 sy class d patches; 458 sy hma shoulders; 24 cu yd concrete removal; 22 cy concrete superstructure; 61 lf preformed joint strip seal; 188 cu yd concrete superstructure (approach slab); 499 sy bridge deck scarification and latex concrete overlay; 7,400 lb rebar; 1 elastomeric bearing assembly; 100 lf remove and re-erect steel plate beam guardrail; 4 remove and re-erect traffic barrier terminals; 3,135 lf polyurea pavement marking; mobilization; traffic control and protection