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On his return, he has initiated a feasibility analysis in collaboration with Hyundai Motors Group for the development of novel electro catalyst with ultra-low Platinum metal loading for fuel cell vehicles to mainly lower down the cost of Fuel Cell technology by developing cheap catalyst This exchange program has forged an important research collaboration between ASU and NUST that will cultivate a stronger research culture among Pakistan's academics and assist university faculty to execute applied research projects.
Available in gorgeous golden or platinum metal finish, this sleek new product is designed to complement the looks of stylish computers, tablets and phones.
Scrap of platinum metals and alloys (mainly scrap of glass-making equipment, spinneret feeders and chemical utensils) contains significant amount of glass and a number of metal impurities.
New Products: Ice Clear Liquid Polish and Spray Detailer, Platinium Tire Gel, Platinum Metal Polish and Marvel Mystery Oil One-Shots.
CDT said the testing techniques revealed that most of the platinum emission was in a form consistent with it being platinum metal and oxide, which are generally regarded as non-allergenic, while the remainder -- less than one percent of the platinum emitted -- could be water dissolvable with some anionic character, as determined by ion exchange separations, which is the portion where any potential allergenic forms would be found.
In some cases, the 9850 deposits platinum metal interconnect lines between trenches.
For that reason some decades passed before the sixth and last platinum metal was discovered.
Most ORP probes are susceptible to fouling because the electrode sensing surfaces are made of platinum metal, which can become coated with contaminants from sweat, lotions and other body oils.
In fact, tantalum is often used as an economical substitute in applications normally requiring platinum metal.
Kiriyenko signed a resolution on platinum metal exports in the middle of April, but the exports cannot begin until further documents have been drafted by the relevant ministries and departments.
This report provides historical and forecast data on Platinum mine production and Platinum metal consumption to 2020.