player piano

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player piano,

an upright pianopiano
or pianoforte,
musical instrument whose sound is produced by vibrating strings struck by felt hammers that are controlled from a keyboard.

The piano's earliest predecessor was the dulcimer. The first piano was made c.
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 incorporating a mechanical system that automatically plays the encoded contents of a paper strip. This strip, perforated with holes whose position and length determine pitch and duration, is drawn over a pneumatic device that shoots streams of air through the holes. The air is guided through a tube to the corresponding hammer, which strikes the string. The pieces used in player pianos often reproduced performances by famous pianists. Although popular during the late 19th and early 20th cent., the player piano was eclipsed by phonographs and radios.
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player piano

a mechanical piano; Pianola
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(15) The French delegation did however clarify that the exception was meant to apply only to devices which could play a limited number of songs, such as music boxes, rather than to devices which were capable of playing an infinite number of tunes, such as player pianos and piano rolls.
Player Piano. The Dial Press, 352 pages, $14 (paper)
And yet somehow Gibbs lays out his argument as best he can, sentence by painfully wrought sentence: that the effects of automation on the arts have been deleterious; that technology, over the years, has removed the artist from the art and eliminated the elements of labor, revision, and failure (necessary elements, Gibbs and Gaddis would say); and that the player piano is a perfect case in point.
Likewise, another story to be published by Collier's in 1950, "EPICAC," should ring a bell for any admirer of Vonnegut's first novel, to come out two years later, Player Piano. The protagonist of the story is, remarkably enough, the same computer around which the dystopian society of Player Piano revolves.
Since I have a Yamaha Disklavier player piano in my college studio, my students can also immediately see elements such as not connecting legato notes in a passage by the way the keys move.
A player piano sat against one wall, and, when asked, our waitperson said the piano was played by customers at one time, but not so much any more.
Striking in its complex barrage of visual and musical stimuli, the work consists of a late-1920s player piano with keyboard and bellows compressor removed (here to the front of the exhibition space).
In order to help readers better understand the process of recorded music in Rachmaninoff's time, he briefly outlines the history of recorded music on player piano rolls and the gramophone (pp.
As far back as the player piano, content creators have feared the impact of new technologies and fought to limit or kill them.
He completely restored and refinished a player piano that the family enjoyed at every holiday.
A wooden mask appeared at the center of the room of seventeenth-century portraits; a small percussion instrument complemented an old piano, which in turn supported a child's colored plastic player piano. In the room containing eighteenth-century views by Gabriel Bella, documenting Venetian life of the day, strings of colored beads hung down from the ceiling, echoing the verticality of certain elements in the paintings, while on the floor, piles of newspapers of various nationalities presented fragments of contemporary news events.