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45% of young men (age 24 and younger and excluding Seminarians) said that playing the game made them more interested in becoming a Priest.
23% of Seminarians surveyed said that playing the game made them more likely to actually become a Priest.
The Impact of Playing the game on a Player's Understanding and Support of Someone Else's Choice to Become a Priest:
This will enable players in the game to chat real-time with their online friends who are not currently playing the game to ask them for gameplay tips and tricks or alert them to jack in and join a mission.
While most parents are aware of and use the ratings when buying computer and video games, WallFly provides an additional easy to use resource once they get home to ensure that their children are playing the games that they have determined are appropriate.
While children learn through playing the games, PicturePages' evaluation engine helps parents, caregivers, and educators better understand how well each child learns.
By playing the games, children will develop skills in six essential Learning Readiness Skills areas: Logic and Reasoning, Concept Formation, Visual Perception/Discrimination, Auditory Discrimination, Visual -- Motor Coordination, and Verbal Comprehension/Communication.
For playing the games only a WAP enabled mobile terminal, like the Nokia 7110, is required.