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(IBM) A room where programmers work.

Compare salt mines.
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a portable enclosure for children beginning to walk.

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Playpen's existence in the dark web meant that the locations of both its servers and the computers accessing the site were concealed.
Bumpers - These are especially important if you're using a wooden crib, but even playpens may have unpadded metal or hard plastic parts, so bumpers will be protective either way.
They include Beginnings, which was an evening of short plays; the sell-out Town With No Traffic Wardens, which was a collaborative project exploring news in a small town; and PlayPen - 9 Writers, which allowed the writers to write 20-minute plays on any subject and face the audience vote.
Digital agency Atomic Playpen announced on Friday the investment in a focused strategic partnership with web content management system provider Sitecore.
Are playpens, cribs and bassinets really that dangerous if manufactured and used properly, or are they not being used as designed, resulting in preventable injuries to children?
She was handed over a playpen. The competition was held by the Kyrgyz Ministry of Public Health together with UNICEF Office in Kyrgyzstan as part of the global campaign carried out by UNICEF and the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action.
She ran back in through the back door of the smoke-filled home and grabbed Aiden from a playpen near the burning dryer just minutes before fire gutted the home.
Celine and John meet again at a sex club called The Playpen, run by the Dixie Mafia.
A baby had a lucky escape after a water tank crashed onto her playpen.
Babysitting Calvin, by John H Newmeir, centres on a man as a baby in a playpen - a baby, moreover, who in his former life was the husband of the woman who is now his babysitter.
A girl is devastated after thieves stole her rabbit, along with its hutch and playpen.