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(IBM) A room where programmers work.

Compare salt mines.



a portable enclosure for children beginning to walk.

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The new regulations would strengthen requirements for playpens to protect infants and young children from potential injury or death.
The first Playpen evening presented nine plays to the audience and let the audience choose which plays they thought should be fully staged.
By being a certified Sitecore development partner, Atomic Playpen will be able to deliver a full life cycle approach that encompasses the goals of the business while providing an enterprise software platform that is extensible, robust and easy to use, the company said.
While fatal crib-related injuries are the ones that make the news, and prompt manufacturers to recall related products, thousands of children are injured in or by cribs, bassinets and playpens every year.
John returns to testify at the Playpen trial near the end of the story.
Tank shock: Page 5 'If Amy had been in her playpen she'd be dead.
A girl is devastated after thieves stole her rabbit, along with its hutch and playpen.
Babysitting Calvin, by John H Newmeir, reveals Keith Barrell in a Baby-Gro and a playpen, remembering his previous life when he was married to Laura (Janet Darlow).
IF you are looking for a playpen with a difference, the Baby Dan version from Blooming Marvellous is worth a look.
Japan might be a playpen for new technologies in the Vodafone Group, but product strategy is being centralized in Europe.
Since our first experience with blocks in the playpen, we've all come to understand that things can only be stacked so high before the free-standing stack becomes unstable, wobbles, and collapses.