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(IBM) A room where programmers work.

Compare salt mines.



a portable enclosure for children beginning to walk.

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The Regulations came into force on September 1, 1976 and have evolved since their last major amendment to the Playpens Regulations in 1991.
Efforts have been made to improve crib safety, but far too many children are injured in cribs, bassinets and playpens.
Parents use playpens today as places for babies to both sleep and play.
A PLAYPEN seems to be the answer for my very active nine-month old daughter, but I've heard some horror stories about children who've been injured by them.
Check vinyl or fabric-covered top rail of playpens for holes and tears in the covering material.
As the cost of airline baggage continues to increase, consumers have become less inclined to cart gear across the country, such as car seats, portable cribs, strollers and playpens, and the demand for rentals has increased exponentially.
Following consultation with provincial and territorial governments, Health Canada is proposing to replace the current requirements for playpens under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act, with the new Playpens Regulations.
Baby gates, playpens and highchairs are available for families traveling with small children.
That's the apparent reasoning behind the decking of the halls, playpens, dump trucks and pineapples on many Nickelodeon series.
With its constellations of tentacled playpens, prophylactic umbrellas, sacred-heart menorahs, and levitating bathtubs suspended under the dome of a 19th-century chapel-turned-gallery, Francoise Quardon's Take me to the river (all works 1993) does not simply mirror our fin-demillenium, but ultimately lures us into taking a hard look at our own reflections.
These are activity centers for use in cribs and playpens.