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(IBM) A room where programmers work.

Compare salt mines.



a portable enclosure for children beginning to walk.

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This study shows, for the first time, that the same dangers exist when using pillows, quilts and comforters in playpens.
A PLAYPEN seems to be the answer for my very active nine-month old daughter, but I've heard some horror stories about children who've been injured by them.
As the cost of airline baggage continues to increase, consumers have become less inclined to cart gear across the country, such as car seats, portable cribs, strollers and playpens, and the demand for rentals has increased exponentially.
Description: This recall involves AOSOM wooden playpens made from pine wood.
The title work, Take me to the river, is an oversized pink jellyfish (in French, meduse, like the monster) made out of a playpen, chicken wire covered with tulle and seashells, and dangling tentacles neatly shod in baby booties.
If outside, cover cribs, bassinets or playpens with suspended mosquito netting.
Both can be used on cribs, playpens, strollers and more.
The Palms features the hottest specialty suites including the Playpens with a dancer pole, the Real World Suite as seen on MTV and NBA suites with extra-large furniture.
The government announced Tuesday that nearly 10 million playpens must be repaired or destroyed because children could strangle themselves if their clothing became caught on metal rivets protruding from rails and hinges atop the pens.
In addition to use in commercial, industrial and consumer applications including restaurants, homes and medical facilities, Federal and state approved use claims for Axen30 disinfectant also feature children's toys, toy boxes, play tables and activity centers, jungle gyms, playpens, child car seats, strollers and diaper changing tables.
Plenty of greenery even though the best of the planet's tennis playpens is right downtown, and you don't need too much green to get in.
PRODUCT: Baby Trend "Home and Roam" portable mesh-sided playpens in