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any implement for plucking a string, such as a small piece of plastic, wood, etc., used to strum a guitar, or the quill that plucks the string of a harpsichord



a small, thin piece of ivory, plastic, metal, or goose quill or a ring with a “claw” that is worn on the finger. A plectrum is used to pluck the strings and to produce tremolo on plucked stringed instruments, such as the zither, mandolin, and domra.

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Users in many Asian countries prefer to use a stylus or plectrum to interface with touchscreen devices.
The family are big fans of the Squigee fabric and wallpaper range by Scottish designer Natasha Marshall and have variations of her plectrum design wallpaper around the house.
Guitarist and composer Steve Herberman's approach to his instrument is unusual in at least two ways: first, he plays a seven-string guitar, which is not exactly unheard of (it was introduced to the jazz world by George Van Eps in the 1930s), but still very much a minority interest; second, he plays fingerstyle rather than with a plectrum.
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I was having a really sad conversation with my boyfriend the other day about plectrum gauges.
Growing up in tough Glasgow, Scotland, Mullen started out playing stand-up jazz bass, eventually switching to guitar, which he played without a plectrum, instead picking the strings with his right thumb and developing a bluesy approach reminiscent of Montgomery, who also used his thumb.
There is still some online trace of the Purple Rain singer on the web though as his last two albums, Art Official Age and Plectrum Electrum are still available on Spotify.
He then delivered a mammoth hit-packed and funk-laden set that spanned chart favourites going back 36 years as well a batch of new songs from his forthcoming Plectrum Electrum album.
BLACKMORE'S PLECTRUM A I can play the drums, but I've not done so for a few years.