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any implement for plucking a string, such as a small piece of plastic, wood, etc., used to strum a guitar, or the quill that plucks the string of a harpsichord
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a small, thin piece of ivory, plastic, metal, or goose quill or a ring with a “claw” that is worn on the finger. A plectrum is used to pluck the strings and to produce tremolo on plucked stringed instruments, such as the zither, mandolin, and domra.

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Plectrum necklace and matching bracelet, pounds 40 & pounds 50, Tatty Devine @ Cruise, 4.
The adventure game includes a special plectrum which connects to your computer's parallel port.
Macca was once said to have worn acrylic nails to stop his fingers bleeding, but returned to a plectrum. His picktrick could cost him, as it is against US law to deface a coin or note, punishable by a fine if an attempt is made to use the money again.