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any implement for plucking a string, such as a small piece of plastic, wood, etc., used to strum a guitar, or the quill that plucks the string of a harpsichord



a small, thin piece of ivory, plastic, metal, or goose quill or a ring with a “claw” that is worn on the finger. A plectrum is used to pluck the strings and to produce tremolo on plucked stringed instruments, such as the zither, mandolin, and domra.

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Michael & Rudinsky (1972) hypothesized that males either lift the plectrum from the file or it remains engaged with the file but pauses briefly to produce the intervals between syllables.
Prince, who will release his new album Plectrum Electrum later this year, then busted a few moves in his enclosure to some of his classic hits including Kiss, When Doves Cry and Purple Rain specially spun by the in-house DJ.
To add further woe to the evening, I had squeezed my way to as near to the stage as possible for the encore in the hope of catching a plectrum if Tony threw his out into the crowd as my daughter plays guitar too so I hoped to be able to get her an inspirational momento of her first gig.
But as the performer enters his 60th year, he is showing no sign of hanging up his guitar plectrum just yet and he will be taking to the stage at the Metro Radio Arena to showcase his latest album.
All genres of music are encouraged, so whether you're a purveyor of pop, RnB, punk, rock or acoustic, it's worth throwing your plectrum into the ring.
In what transpired as a love-in for guitarists, with more frenzied fretwork than you could shake a plectrum at, the colourful sight of Tubelord (complete with Michael Jackson shrine) kept the momentum going.
He was probably backstage whinging: "I definitely gave the plectrum to you.
And, with a camera regularly trained on the plectrum in his fingers, even those at the very back of the Arena were able to witness the "slowhand" up close.
William Hill: 14 Acheekyone, Bawaader, Blue Bajan, Tabadul, 16 Blythe Knight, Crooked Throw, Dansili Dancer, Gentleman's Deal, Illustrious Blue, Kalderon, Red Spell, Rio Riva, Speedy Sam, Zero Tolerance, 20 Bolodenka, Capable Guest, Collateral Damage, Dunelight, Fantastic View, Granston, Hartshead, New Seeker, Orchard Supreme, Plectrum, Supaseus, Very Wise, Wavertree Warrior, 25 bar.
Go to get a plectrum at Simpsons in Edinburgh, a lovely music shop on Stafford Street which has been there for years.
If the guitar still has its original cellophane packaging, instruction manual, tuning pegs and plectrum, then we are talking over pounds 500.
I was having a really sad conversation with my boyfriend the other day about plectrum gauges.