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any implement for plucking a string, such as a small piece of plastic, wood, etc., used to strum a guitar, or the quill that plucks the string of a harpsichord



a small, thin piece of ivory, plastic, metal, or goose quill or a ring with a “claw” that is worn on the finger. A plectrum is used to pluck the strings and to produce tremolo on plucked stringed instruments, such as the zither, mandolin, and domra.

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The unique mosaic of the guitar legend made from more than 5,000 plectrums went on show at London's Abbey Road Studios.
Photo (1--2) Hawaii humorist Will Hoover shows off some of the plectrums that took him to New York and back during two years of work on his new book, "Picks
MOSAIC: Guitar legend Jimi Hendrix made out of thousands of Fender plectrums THRILLED: Artist Ed Chapman has exhibited throughout Europe and the USA
I usually work in ceramic tile, but plectrums are a great medium to create art and I hope they are a fitting tribute to an amazing musician.
We'll leave you to work out the plectrums and strings.
Hundreds of bands across the country have sent in plectrums, (for the uninitiated these are plastic triangles used to play a guitar) to the women who will be displaying them in a gallery before auctioning them to raise money for teenage mental health.
Plectrums and drumsticks were thrown in the crowd and the lads happily shook hands with fans and waved to everyone.
It will feature items such as Japanese and Russian lyric sheets, rare single issues, plectrums and even tour jackets that once belonged to the band.
They sat me down and went through everything - different shapes and sizes, acoustic, semi-acoustic and electric, all the amps, different types of plectrums.
As they galloped through hits like Surrender, I Want You To Want Me and Dream Police, Rick ran around chucking plectrums into the crowd and using his bizarre collection of guitars, including the very, very big '81 Orange Hamer five-neck.
Sheryl Crow C'Mon, C'Mon (A&M) SHE'S just turned 40 and shows no signs of swapping plectrums for knitting needles.