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Plenty fella kanaka we get 'm canoe, plenty fella canoe, we go catch 'm that fella ship.
Yes, plenty fright," he confessed, with an air of dismissing the subject.
He like 'm one fella dog, one sick fella dog plenty fleas stop along him.
I do hope it isn't Aunt Myra; she always scares me out of my wits asking how my cough is, and groaning over me as if I was going to die," said Rose, preparing to retire the way she came, for the slide, being cut for the admission of bouncing Christmas turkeys and puddings, was plenty large enough for a slender girl.
It shall be my care to see that you pass the rest of your days in ease and plenty.
or what plenty is there where you hunt a day, and not start a buck, or see anything bigger than a mink, or maybe a stray fox
We used to get the broad joes, in the old war, as plenty as the bears be now.
Plenty of books cover just about everything you think of on Western history: so why the need for THE WICKED WEST: BOOZERS, CRUISERS, GAMBLERS, AND MORE?
Scientific Advancements' coverages include Pierre And Marie Curie And The Discovery Of Radium (1584153105) and Antoine Lavoisier: Father Of Modern Chemistry, each holding an index and plenty of detailed biographical information.
There are plenty of people who don't want it to work.
The pair showed plenty of cut and dash down the wings in the 1-1 draw at Leigh on Tuesday night and manager Steve Burr is expected to give them another opportunity to make an impression.
Given the hostile attitude of most historians toward homosexuality in the 1950s and '60s, it might seem reasonable to assume that any corroboration that the 20th century's greatest villain was also a gay villain would already have received plenty of attention.