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see plowplow
or plough,
agricultural implement used to cut furrows in and turn up the soil, preparing it for planting. The plow is generally considered the most important tillage tool.
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(US Big Dipper) A group of stars in Ursa Major that contains the seven brightest stars in that constellation, nearly all with similar apparent magnitudes (mv ), and has a very distinctive shape (see illustration). The seven stars are Alioth, Dubhe, Alcaid, Mizar, Merak (mv : 2.36), Phecda (mv : 2.43), and Megrez (mv : 3.31), in order of brightness. Alcaid and Dubhe have different values and directions of proper motion than the other five so that the shape of the Plough is slowly but continuously changing.
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What does it mean when you dream about a plough?

The plough represents the cultivation of new ideas and new projects, tilling the soil for new growth and expansion.

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A groove cut lengthwise with the grain in a piece of wood.
(mining engineering)
A continuous mining machine in which cutting blades, moved over the face being worked, bite into the coal as they are pulled along and discharge it on an accompanying conveyor.
A V-shaped scraper that presses against the return belt of a conveyor, removing coal and debris from it.
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plow, plough

1. A carpenter’s plane which cuts grooves.
2. A router.
3.See groove.

router plane, plough, plow

router plane
A plane used for cutting and smoothing grooves which have their bottoms parallel to the surface; has a handle at each end and a centrally located cutting tool.
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(esp US), plow
1. any of various similar implements, such as a device for clearing snow
2. a plane with a narrow blade for cutting grooves in wood


the. the group of the seven brightest stars in the constellation Ursa Major
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Sensing that this was Plough's day, drama struck in the 90th minute when a through ball from Stephen DeAbreau found Phil Willey one on one with the keeper and he kept his head and slotted in, starting mass celebrations on the pitch and in the stands.
All the tractors and ploughs in use are in original condition and have not been subject to a major overhaul, just regular maintenance.
Andy Hughes, Holywell, with his 1958 Fordson Dexter tractor and Ransom TS59 1954 plough
Paul Davison, SMD's Trenching Manager, said: "We are particularly pleased with the successful build and delivery of this plough.
If a Ferguson plough is all you have ever ploughed with, it probably seems fine, but for those who are used to other ploughs, the adjustments available on the Fergie plough will seem rather basic and limiting, and many say that it is hard to do a tidy piece of ploughing in a match with a plough like this.
One of the organisers, Margaret Jennings, said: "The Blessing of the Plough ceremony will be held at St Margaret's church, known as the Marble Church, tomorrow night at 7pm.
First to arrive was Joan and Allen Woodall from Brockholes, each driving a tractor with a plough attached.
Plough Sunday was designed to give the Church's blessing to the plough and was followed by dancing and revelry before the serious hard work of ploughing the land and sowing the seed started in earnest.
Today he still competes, and often wins in vintage tractor ploughing matches using a 1960 David Brown 850 tractor and ransome plough.
He said farmers who decide to plough after the gazetted ploughing season would be doing so at their own expenses.
The Rev Charlotte Lorimer will lead the 'Blessing of the Plough' when at least two hand-pulled ploughs, seed drills and other associated implements w i l l be in chapel.
They used a Massey Fergusson 6480 with a five-furrow Kverneland plough to plough one acre.