plug and play

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plug and play

1. Hardware or software that, after being installed ("plugged in"), can immediately be used ("played with"), as opposed to hardware or software which requires configuration.

See also turnkey, plug and pray.

2. A new recruit who needs no training. "The new guy, John, is great. He's totally plug-and-play."

plug and play

(1) Installing a new component in a system that works automatically without requiring any manual configuration by a technician or user. See CableCARD and definitions #2 and #3 below.

(2) (Universal Plug and Play) Protocols for discovering and configuring devices in an IP network. See UPnP.

(3) (Plug and Play) An Intel standard for automatic peripheral configuration in a PC. On startup, Plug and Play (PnP) recognizes the attached devices and adjusts internal settings (see IRQ, DMA and PC I/O addressing).

PnP and Windows 95 to the Rescue
Plug and Play (PnP) eliminated the "plug and pray" frustration of manually configuring a PC when new peripherals were installed. In the mid-1990s, motherboards and peripherals began to support PnP, and Windows 95 was the first PnP-enabled OS. A PnP peripheral could also be used in a non-PnP computer by installing a system module (DWCFGMG.SYS).

Transitioning to PnP
If an older ISA peripheral card was installed in a PnP computer, the ISA Configuration Utility (ICU) looked up its requirements and configured the card's settings. If the card was not in the list, the ICU made recommendations for the user ("plug and tell"). See PnP-X.
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The plug and play dash could also have applications in forestry, since both industries experience downtime loss as a result of damaged electrical systems on vehicles.
Universal Plug and Play technology enables Digi-Frames(TM) to be automatically recognized by a UPnP network, allowing ease of use without complicated setup or configuration.
Its latest initiative, to define New Generation Operational Systems and Software (called NGOSS), is aimed at achieving market-available off-the-shelf systems that can plug and play far more easily than today.
The goals of the Universal Plug and Play Forum are to facilitate the development of easily connected devices and to simplify the implementation of networks in the home and corporate environments.
Microsoft is delighted to have Lantronix join the Universal Plug and Play Forum and lend its expertise in networking and embedded solutions to our efforts in bringing the convenience and excitement of simple connectivity to consumers," said Shawn Sanford, group product manager in the Windows Division, Microsoft.
PHAST has demonstrated today how the Universal Plug and Play architecture can build a bridge between traditional data networks and their emerging ones, such as control networks, in the home," said Alec Saunders, group planning manager, Productivity Applications Group, Microsoft Corp.
ChaiAppliance Plug and Play is based on open standards for transparently connecting appliances, PCs and services.
Microsoft and HP's joint commitment to simple, standards-based networking technology will expedite the development of Universal Plug and Play," said Alec Saunders, group planning manager, Productivity Appliances Group, Microsoft.
The demonstration at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference was part of a multi-vendor showcase and gave the attendees a glimpse of what is possible in the home network market with open, interoperable standards such as the LONWORKS system and Universal Plug and Play.
s 3,500 square foot Universal Plug and Play Showcase at Windows Hardware Engineering Conference 1999 (WinHEC `99).