plug fan

plenum fan

A backward-curved airfoil impeller that is housed in a rectangular plenum; has ducted inlet and outlet connections; it is not enclosed in a typical volute scroll.
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This beats every traditional plug fan on energy efficiency* thanks to the optimization of all key components, including a hollow section 'aero-foil' backward curve impeller, a permanent magnet (PM) internal rotor motor rated at IE5 efficiency and integrated electronic controls.
LG AHU achieves world-class energy efficiency due to a LG 3D plug Fan that incorporates a contoured steel blade to minimise airflow resistance.
LG AHU achieves world-class energy efficiency due to an LG 3D plug fan that incorporates a contoured steel blade to minimize airflow resistance.
The company says its ErP compliant range includes, RTU (packaged heat pump air handlers), the RTU series is a range of packaged direct expansion (DX) Air Source Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning units showing compelling performance under EN 14511:2013 and EN 14825:2016 standards and these are equipped with EC Plug fan technology and free-cooling as standard.
The company offers high-quality industrial fans, blowers, and motors including Axial fans, Centrifugal blowers, Plug fans, Box fans, Plenum fans, Single and Double Inlet fans, with both, AC and EC motors.
The supply fans are upside down plug fans that extend below the floor and discharge into 22 in.
TEK plug fans feature backward curved airfoil wheels made by combining precision injection molding techniques with high-strength plastics to produce a wheel that the manufacturer says is stronger than steel, yet half its weight.
In most cases, you plug fans can buy only the plants you have space for, rather than having to buy more seed than you really need.
Larger downflow models are available with optional energy-efficient EC plug fans, while all versions are offered with optional variable-speed drive fans.