plum stone

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plum, plum stone

A large random-shaped stone which is dropped into freshly placed mass concrete to economize on the amount of concrete mortar required.
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The word "Zen" itself appears only once in Plum Stones: Walk through morning-dark fog on the path with money, keys, or beads in the hand.
A dark, young wine with mature flavours (of bramble and plum stone), a smooth texture and subtle acidity.
Nowadays, as this wine shows, winemakers can preserve old-style, smooth spiciness but supplement it with flavours of pepper, plum stone and black cherries.
Its flavour embodies hints of plum stone, cherry and, on the finish, white pepper.
Coins, house keys, car keys, allen keys, condom, dummy teat, bulldog clip, paper clip, telephone cable clips (about 16 in one dog), peach stone, plum stone, avocado stone, common garden stone, stone from beach, wire, rope and finally a metal alligator.