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of birds: see feathersfeathers,
outgrowths of the skin, constituting the plumage of birds. Feathers grow only along certain definite tracts (pterylae), which vary in different groups of birds.
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the feathery covering of birds. It protects the body from chilling, streamlines body contours, and increases the surface of the wings and tail for flight.

Plumage consists of feathers varying in structure. There are contour feathers, down feathers, filoplumes, powder downs, and bristles. Pterylae, areas of skin on which feathers grow, alternate with apteria, skin areas that lack feathers but are usually covered by them. Only Struthionidae, penguins, and screamers have feathers that are evenly distributed over the skin. Usually the downy feathers and powder downs are hidden by the vanes of the contour feathers that lie on one another, but in some birds, such as the vulture, the powder downs are exposed. In herons, owls, goatsuckers, swifts, and many passerines the powder downs are located on the apteria; in Crypturiformes they are located only on the pterilae. In the majority of other birds the powder downs are found over the entire body.

Plumage is renewed periodically, usually annually, by molting. The colors of plumage are due to the presence of pigments and structural properties.


(vertebrate zoology)
The entire covering of feathers of a bird.


the layer of feathers covering the body of a bird
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While, the ultimate carrier of these secretions is the plumage and the characteristic musky scent of petrels emanates only from it.
Plumage coloration often mediates agonistic interactions among conspecific males (Rohwer 1982, reviewed in Senar 2006).
However, a better understanding of plumage color genetics is necessary, due to the importance of obtaining homogeneous plumage color phenotypes.
Bright epaulets on glossy black plumage or shimmering iridescence often gives distinctive looks to males.
But something seems to have gone awry with their young, as two juveniles sport the unusual yellow plumage while out and about on tentative flights in North Shields.
The unconventional colouring of Ken's Great Spotted Woodpecker is said to be down to an abnormality in its plumage.
Studying dark-eyed juncos, Whittaker's team compared which were more effective - chemical signals or size and attractive plumage.
This reference for general readers in high school and up supplies Q&A facts on parrots, known for their bright colorful plumage.
Le squelette fossilise exceptionnellement preserve d'un jeune dinosaure decouvert en Allemagne, montrant qu'il avait des filaments de plume, indiquerait que le plumage devait etre courant chez ces creatures prehistoriques, selon une etude publiee avant-hier lundi aux Etats-Unis.
The main image is of a Blue Tit settling on a feeder, its bright plumage on display.
BRIGHTLY coloured birds are likely to be less impressed by their own plumage than human nature lovers, research suggests.
His feisty attitude and exotic plumage has made him something of an outcast among other birds living around the York Street Lock on the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal in Stourport-on-Severn.