plumb cut

plumb cut, ridge cut

A cut in a vertical plane, as the cut on a rafter where it butts vertically against a ridgeboard.
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10-2"x4"x6~ studs; 15-2" x6"x16 fascia; 200-2"x6"x24~ lsl studs; 110-1/2" osb; 70-16" x16~ horizontal triple 5 siding; 40-hurricane straps; 16-3/4"x16~ prime coated trim baords; 2-3~ solid core left inside swing deadbolt bore only; 20-2" x4"x41~4" plumb cut trusses with 2" 1 pitch; 2-gables 2" x41~4" plumb cut trusses with a 2" 1 pitch; 60-5/8" osb; 2-rolls of tyvek wrap.
The top plumb cut on valley rafters has a 45-degree bevel on each side.
Then use a Speed square to transfer the "plumb cut" angle to the end of the rafter, 11 in.