plumbing fitting

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fittings, 1
1. A pipe part, usually standardized, such as a bend, coupling, cross, elbow, reducer, tee, union, etc.; used for joining two or more sections of pipe together. The term usually is used in the plural.
2. An accessory such as a bushing, coupling, locknut, or other part of an electric wiring system which is intended to perform a mechanical rather than an electrical function.
3. Same as window hardware.
4. British for luminaire.
5. A decorative or functional item or component in a building which is fixed but not built in; also called a fitment.
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not more than 0.2-percent lead when used with respect to solder and flux, and not more than a weighted average of 0.25 percent when used with respect to the wetted surfaces of pipes and pipe fittings, plumbing fittings, and fixtures,'" says Shahin Moinian, senior director at the Ontario, CA-based Intl.
A DUNDEE factory which makes plumbing fittings will close and 66 jobs will go to a plant in Poland unless workers or their union have a "radical plan" to save it, bosses at IBP Conex said.
Plumbing fittings demand is expected to reach [yen] 45 billion in 2009, with bathtub and shower fittings leading gains.
Last night there appeared to be a fault with the plumbing fittings."
Lead is picked up as water passes through pipes and household plumbing fittings and fixtures that contain lead.
In domestic and industrial water supplies it can cause the staining of clothes, plumbing fittings and swimming pool surfaces.
Brodrene A&O Johansen A/S has received an order for heating, ventilation and plumbing fittings from the Copenhagen county.
For Goss & DeLeeuw, Kensington, CT, its lock on building its 1-2-3 rotary transfer machines for the plumbing fittings industry that dated from the 1940s to the 1970s looked unassailable.
The warehouse on the Junction Six Industrial Park near Spaghetti Junction, owned by The M&G Property Portfolio and managed by PRUPIM, has been let to one of the region's leading suppliers of gas and plumbing fittings. BES Ltd is doubling the size of its Birmingham warehouse.
Organization is probably the most important factor for properly displaying plumbing fittings. The Worth W.
Security guards collared Blake Aldridge, who partnered schoolboy sensation Tom Daley in Beijing, after he left the DIY store without paying for plumbing fittings he had put in his pocket.

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