plumbing fitting

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fittings, 1
1. A pipe part, usually standardized, such as a bend, coupling, cross, elbow, reducer, tee, union, etc.; used for joining two or more sections of pipe together. The term usually is used in the plural.
2. An accessory such as a bushing, coupling, locknut, or other part of an electric wiring system which is intended to perform a mechanical rather than an electrical function.
3. Same as window hardware.
4. British for luminaire.
5. A decorative or functional item or component in a building which is fixed but not built in; also called a fitment.
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Current plumbing fittings have a band around them that's thicker and wider than they used to be, and all you can find at a hardware store are fittings like that.
Created from a mixture of plumbing fittings and other miscellany, the lamp catches most people's attention and helps owner Steve Schaefer start a conversation--a great way for him to get to know his customers.
Compressed Air System are, traditionally, installed with water grade galvanized iron piping and plumbing fittings, without taking into consideration the host of design factors which effect its efficiency.
Investigating officer, PC 2514 Kinnaird said: "A number of plumbing items such as copper piping up to 54mm in diameter, brass and copper plumbing fittings, chrome plated taps and several showers of Aqualisa and Mira brand were stolen from three different premises.
Congress enacted the act in 2011 to amend Section 1417 of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and required that the wetted surface of lead pipes, fixtures and plumbing fittings and fixtures sold for or installed in potable water applications not contain more than 0.
There are dozens of ways to rig brass plumbing fittings to make something easy, cheap and workable.
EcoWaste Coalition, which has been advocating the prevention or elimination of human exposure to the toxic metal, said that the local regulation should also include plumbing fittings and fixtures such as brass or chromeplated faucets.
Many developers even incorporate water-efficient plumbing fittings into their kitchen and bathroom designs, helping owners to become even more environmentally friendly.
As well as essentials such as guttering, window fittings and plumbing fittings, there are wall and ceiling panels that provide an effective alternative to tiles and even specialist luxury items like underfloor heating systems and integral window blinds.
The company specializes in manufacturing valves, plumbing fittings and fasteners.
Tools stolen include a green Bosch drill, a grey Axminster SLB 9100n jointer, a number of plumbing fittings, a Dewalt circular saw, an orange Dewalt drill, a blue and green Bosch angle grinder, a red Echo chainsaw and a red Husqvarna chainsaw.
It connects via standard plumbing fittings to a water inlet (1/2-inch NPT female) and drain (1 1/2-inch NPT female).