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To set the horizontal cross hair of a theodolite in the direction of a grade when establishing a grade between two points of known level.
The inclination of a geologic structure, especially a fold axis, measured by its departure from the horizontal. Also known as pitch; rake.
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a city and administrative center of Plungė Raion, Lithuanian SSR. Located on the Babrungas River of the Neman River basin. Railroad station on the Klaipeda-Ŝ iauliai line. Population, 16,000 (1974). Plungė has factories that produce linen fabrics and artificial leather. It also has a butter factory and plants that manufacture structural elements and silos. There is a building technicum in Plunge.

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Asked if the plunge was due to lack of investor confidence in the country, Robredo said there are a lot of factors and speculations on what caused the plunge but it is the administration that is in the best position to give a proper explanation.
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The temperature was in the mid-40s when the plunge began at 11 a.m.
This article contains spoilers from "Bates Motel" Season 2 Episode 6 "The Plunge." Read on only if you want to learn more about the episode.
The Arcanum Group CEO and president David Waters, vice president Anne Waters and their daughter intern Kayla led the company's Polar Plunge team Feb.
Plungers are encouraged to create a plunge team of four or more people, consisting of co-workers and classmates and from civic groups or places of worship.
Today 1 year ago WHEN Andy Kelley heard a whisper Redcar's steelworks might reopen again, he took the plunge and began setting up a Dormanstown cafe called The Worx -down the road from the steel plant.
Total retail sales volumes plunged by a worse-than-expected 2.3% on the month, the lowest level in nearly two-and-a-half years, although this was distorted by a record plunge in petrol and diesel sales following the threat of a fuel tanker strike the previous month.
Alas, the boutiques on the Rue d'Antibes still required visiting - probably after Eva, 37, realised she'd got these plastic shorts, left, while everybody was rocking the plunge look.
* Plunge slowly and remember that when it comes to dislodging a clog, the pull-back motion is often just as important as the pushdown motion.
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