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1. a rubber suction cup fixed to the end of a rod, used to clear blocked drains
2. a device or part of a machine that has a plunging or thrusting motion; piston



(also ram), a piston that has a smooth generatrix (generating surface) or annular grooves and is substantially longer than it is wide. Plungers are chiefly used in hydraulic machines, where they serve as components of pumps, of hydraulic presses and lifts, of slide valves in hydraulic drives, and of multistage gas compressors.


(design engineering)
A wooden shaft with a large rubber suction cup at the end, used to clear plumbing traps and waste outlets.
(mechanical engineering)
The long rod or piston of a reciprocating pump.

plumber’s friend, force cup, plumber’s helper, plunger

A tool consisting of a rubber suction cup attached to a handle; set over a plumbing trap (or the like) and worked with a pumping action to clear the trap of minor obstructions.
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4 million has been raised by more than 66,000 plungers.
The result is a damaged firing pin plunger which will eventually get stuck in place and not allow the pistol to fire.
The data shows that gamma irradiated plungers had higher levels of extractables, mainly degradation of the physical properties of the elastomer.
S&W solved this problem by replacing the screw with a plunger arrangement to hold the lever in place.
Plunger systems are typically made from halobutyl rubber-based elastomers and can be coated with a fluoropolymer film, such as FluroTec[R] barrier film used by West Pharmaceutical.
One major cause of early seal leakage is mechanical plunger side-loading.
3) used a special mold insert to conduct a full factorial design comprising 32 test runs to study the effects of the following five factors on product quality: injection speed, metering size, vacuum, holding pressure, and diameter of the plunger.
The 57 plungers and five people known as chickens, because they would not dive but did seek sponsors, raised $25,495.
Plungers 4, which are located in a free zone of engagement, are deduced from contact with a tooth of a gear by force of deformation of inextensible flexible elements 5.
These cam action indexing plungers are best used when the pin needle is retracted.
A split melt channel feeds both injection plungers in alternating fashion: One plunger barrel fills while the other is injecting.
The categories represented in this exhibition were knives, corks, plungers, ladles, other kitchen utensils, kitchen brooms, and so on.