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1. indicating or involving addition
2. on the positive part of a scale or coordinate axis
3. indicating the positive side of an electrical circuit
4. slightly above a specified standard on a particular grade or percentage
5. Botany designating the strain of fungus that can only undergo sexual reproduction with a minus strain
6. a positive quantity
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A mathematical symbol; A plus B, where A and B are mathematical quantities, denotes the quantity obtained by taking their sum in an appropriate context.
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Late 60's. Machine-oriented systems language used internally by Univac.



Common: ITU-T: plus; add. Rare: cross; INTERCAL: intersection.
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An earlier social networking site from Google, introduced in 2011. In 2015, the chat, video calling and photos services in Google+ were separated out (see Google Hangouts and Google Photos).

Although Google+ never achieved Facebook's market share, users ranked it favorably. In 2018, Google announced the end of Google+ because of a data vulnerability discovered that year exposing the data of a half million users. However, it was not known if any data were actually breached. Google+ was replaced with Google Currents for Google Workspace users only and not for personal accounts (see Google Currents).

Friends and families were stored in Circles, which displayed as circular icons on screen. In order to better engineer privacy and who sees what, all posts, photos and invitations were shared by dragging them into the appropriate Circle, which remembered the last selection. Friends, Acquaintances, Family and Following (whom you follow) were the defaults, but any Circle could be created. See Google+ Ripples, Google+ Sparks and Google.
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Applying the ability of the Unisys Cellular MultiProcessing (CMP) server architecture to combine mainframe scalability, performance and reliability with industry-standard Intel technology, ClearPath Plus supports an expanded range of operating environments.