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1. the rule or control of society by the wealthy
2. a state or government characterized by the rule of the wealthy
3. a class that exercises power by virtue of its wealth



the rule of the wealthy and the dominance of money. Most often plutocracy denotes a state system in which political power belongs to the most well-to-do circles. Plutocracy may exist de facto and with high property qualifications established by law, or it may exist simply de facto and irrespective of declared democratic norms. Essentially, exploiting states are always plutocratic in nature, but the term is usually applied to states ruled openly by the highest and economically most influential strata of the most dominant class.

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At Sotheby's the other thing plutocrats buy is complete and utter discretion.
Yes, he still has quite a lot to say, but to put it bluntly, it is ineffectual such as the time, not long ago, when he declared that the club wanted nothing to do with the likes of Stan Kroenke, an American plutocrat with sporting franchises.
Plutocrat is clearly in fine heart at present and with the ground due to be a bit better at Exeter, he has an outstanding chance.
Plutocrat won the Ramside Event Catering Handicap Hurdle as he pleased to complete the McCoy hat-trick, but Lungo warned: "He had major surgery for a wind problem for the second time, but it still has not been a success.
In the inner sanctum one plutocrat - the conservative banker's banker - muses, the other - the jet setter with the trophy wife muses back.
He was equally successful with his portrayals of Midwestern life and character: The Turmoil (1915), Magnificent Ambersons, The (1918; film, 1942), and The Midlander (1923), combined as the trilogy Growth (1927), and The Plutocrat (1927).
However, I cannot help thinking this is the start of a slippery slope which could see the British people being deprived of national treasures like that surreal masterpiece "legitimate expenses claim", artist unknown, which proudly adorns the walls of the Palace of Westminster, to some Middle Eastern or Chinese plutocrat to lock away in a safe never to be enjoyed by mere mortals again.
Drive it like the hard-charging Italian that it is, or recline like a plutocrat on the optional massaging rear seats - either way you'll be lit by your own personal spotlight in one of the hottest-looking rides I know.
Richard Wakeham, rider of runner-up Plutocrat, was handed a one-day suspension (date not yet set) after being found guilty of careless riding.
By making it abundantly clear that the actors and singers hired to provide after-dinner entertainment for a nouveau riche plutocrat are to be treated as servants from a lower order, Armfield explains the sense of inferiority and insecurity which in fact leads to preperformance tantrums.
The 670-mile round trip from Carrutherstown in the south west corner of Scotland proved fully justified when Plutocrat stormed home in the Fairmile Handicap Hurdle to complete a hat-trick.
ACCORDING to my thesaurus, a plutocrat is someone who exercises control through wealth - well that quickly rules out you and me.