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An igneous intrusion.
A body of rock formed by metasomatic replacement.
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the term used to signify deep-seated igneous bodies. Plutons form when magma from the lower part of the crust or from the mantle cools in the upper layers of the earth’s crust. Their various shapes are determined by the structure of the enclosing rock. Based on dimensions, shape, and bedding in the earth’s crust, the following types of plutons are distinguished: batholiths, laccoliths, lopoliths, phacoliths, dikes, and sills.

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Elle "grouille litteralement de milliards de cometes, de millions d'objets comme Ultima Thule -qui sont appeles planetesimaux, corps celestes a partir desquels les planetes se sont formees- et une poignee de planetes naines de la taille d'un continent, comme Pluton", explique Alan Stern, l'un des responsables de New Horizons.
Nenad Stepic; Dr.Zoran Stojcic, a maxilla-facial surgical specialist who has used Pluton Electronic at the Mayo Clinic; and at Jacksonville University Hospital, as well as with Dr.
"Pluton has completed the exploration drilling campaign on Irvine and now moves from exploration into pre-development.
(NYSE: CLF) (Paris: CLF), an international mining and natural resources company, and its joint venture partner, HWE Cockatoo, and Cockatoo Mining, have entered a term sheet with Pluton Resources Limited (ASX: PLV).
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Two areas(NW and NE of the Stock) were selected for systematic rock sampling along 2 km sections, starting at the pluton contact.
The two largest subprovinces of the Fennoscandian Rapakivi Province formed during two periods: the plutons and volcanic sheets of the 1.67-1.62 Ga Wiborg pluton during the Palaeoproterozoic Statherian Period and the 1.59-1.54 Ga Riga-Aland Subprovince in the Mesoproterozoic Calymmian Period.
One profile, designated CEL09, again traversed the Central Bohemian Pluton. This profile was approximately parallel to Profile VI, but shifted towards the southwest (Fig.
It was at its most potent on Pluton. Performed in the dark with head torches for illumination, the combination of French lyrics and woozy, star-gazing instrumentation proved a genuine spine-tingling moment.