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Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Pneumatic Control Valve With Actuator For Drip To Deaerator From Hph-6 & Drip To Deaerator From Hph-5 Of Htps, Kwb.
The positioner can be top-mounted to any commercially available pneumatic control valve fitted with linear and part-turn actuators.
The laboratory set up for this system consists of a conical tank and Spherical, a water reservoir, pump, rotameter, a differential pressure transmitter, an electro pneumatic converter (I/P converter), a pneumatic control valve, an interfacing ADAM's module and a Personal Computer (PC).
The new Series "K" pneumatic control valve is designed for commercial, HVAC, and light industrial applications.
The introduction of a new electro pneumatic control valve positioner with PROFIBUS-PA communication is the latest addition to the range of control products offered by Samson Controls.
Tenders invited for Supply of Pneumatic control valve
Contract awarded for pneumatic control valve model:d3573
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Spare Of Siemens Make Smart Positioner Of Pneumatic Control Valve
Tenders are invited for Pneumatic Control Valve To Rdso Drg No Wd-92081-S-61, Item-2, Alt-1
Contract awarded for 2016 Year of pneumatic control valve positioner buy
Tenders are invited for Single Solenoid Pneumatic Control Valve.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Smart Positioner For Pneumatic Control Valve At Ntpc Auraiya