pneumatic test

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pneumatic test

[nu̇′mad·ik ′test]
Pressure testing of a process vessel by the use of air pressure.

air test

air test
A test that applies uniform air pressure throughout a drainage system being tested for leakage. This test is recommended in lieu of a water test when there is a danger of water freezing during the test.

air test, pneumatic test

A test for leaks in drainage systems, in soil, waste, and ventilating pipe systems, or in ductwork; all openings are sealed, and compressed air is introduced into the system; air leakage is indicated by means of a U-gauge or other suitable pressure gauge.
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materials and equipment supply) to perform the pneumatic test stand large air structures;
Tenders are invited for Supply of Pneumatic Test Pump
The pneumatic test rig produced by students is currently in use at Waldon Ltd and looks set to save the company a considerable amount of money.
The pneumatic test when compared to standard hydrostatic testing reduces testing time by approximately 25% and eliminates introduction of water into the vessel that may contribute to contamination, oxidation and additional dry out time.
The 700PTPK Pneumatic Test Kit and 700HTPK Hydraulic Test Kit include hand pumps, hoses and adapters, and can be combined with any 700G Series gauge to create complete, portable test systems.
Diaphragm-type pressure regulators are used in analyzer zero/span gas control, sampling systems, pilot plants, hydraulic and pneumatic test benches, research laboratories, and other systems.