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As lesoes, com o tempo, resultam em formacoes cavitarias de paredes finas, contornos regulares e conteudo liquido conhecido como pneumatoceles. O comprometimento pleural e mais frequente nessa fase, ocasionando um derrame inicialmente serofibrinoso e que evolui, mais tarde, para empiema.
Long-term antibiotic therapy with antistaphylococcal activity (e.g., TMP-SMX, Penicillin, Cephalosporins) can contribute to significant reduction in skin and lung infections such that risk of developing serious future infections, pneumatoceles, and lung damage outweighs the risk of developing antibiotic resistance [4, 8, 15].
Mori, "Pulmonary traumatic pneumatocele and hematoma," Japanese Journal of Radiology, vol.
Five days later, he developed right sided pneumatocele measuring 3.6cmx6.6cm [Figure 3].
The resultant pneumatocele has a variable course; it may persist for several weeks, although it usually resolves within one to three weeks, resulting in a pulmonary parenchymal scar [17].
Neste relato, apesar do exame radiografico ter possibilitado a identificacao de bronquiectasias devido a acentuadas dimensoes destas, a tomografia computadorizada apresentou vantagens na avaliacao toracica do animal uma vez que permitiu a determinacao do diagnostico (bronquiectasia) de uma area radiotransparente no exame radiografico, ao qual se atribuiu diversos diagnosticos diferenciais (como pneumatocele e cisto pulmonar).
Persistent chest radiographic abnormalities, defined as effusion, pneumatocele, or abscess, were noted in 24 (29%) of 82 patients at 1 month and 3 (4.6%) of 65 patients at 6 months.
Tumors that erode the supraorbital plate and dura mater may cause cerebrospinal fluid leakage, pneumatocele, meningitis, or cerebral abscess.
Differential diagnostic considerations vary based on the time of imaging and include pneumothorax, pneumatocele, atelectasis, or hypoplasia of the lung with hyperinflation of the contralateral lung, diaphragmatic hernia, and congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation.
Other terms for this condition include pneumatocele glandulae parotis, [1] wind parotitis, [2] surgical mumps and anesthesia mumps, [3] and pneumosialadenitis.
(3,5-11) Autosomal-dominant JS shows characteristic immunologic features including recurrent cutaneous and pulmonary staphylococcal infections often with abscess and pneumatocele formation, candidiasis and other fungal infections, eczema, and elevated IgE (>2,000 IU/ml) with eosinophilia.