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a tribe of ducks of the subfamily Anatinae. The hind toe has a broad, leathery lobe. There are two genera with 15 species, which are distributed mainly in temperate latitudes.

Six species inhabit the USSR. The red-crested pochard (Netta rufina) has a body length of about 60 cm and weighs about 1 kg. The drake’s bill is bright red. Red-crested pochards are distributed in the steppe zone and as far east as Altai. The common pochard (Aythya ferina) has a body length of about 50 cm and weighs from 0.7 to 1.1 kg. The drake’s head and neck are rust-red, and the back is bluish gray. The common pochard lives in the central zone and as far east as Lake Baikal. The tufted duck (A. fuligula) has a tuft of feathers on its head. It is widely distributed, except in the tundra and the southern USSR. The scaup (A. marila) inhabits the tundra and the northern forest zone. It has a black head, and the back is light with a dark, transverse, wavy stripe.

Pochards live on large, deep lakes and build their nests in thickets of reed and sedge. The clutch contains seven to 12 eggs.

Pochards feed on aquatic plants and invertebrates and are game birds.

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The authors also highlight the additional mortality from lead shot ingested by the birds, which accounts for the death of more than 56,000 Pochards each year.
As far as I know, the refinery is still operating normally," Pochard said.
Dr Glyn Young, a conservation biologist with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, one of the partners in the breeding programme, said: "The ducklings represent an incredible step forward in the fight to save the pochard from extinction.
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Radiographs, followed by dissection of the gizzards, showed that 31% of the rosybilled pochards and 29% of the fulvous whistling-ducks had ingested lead pellets (between 1-4 per animal).
The Michael Attwater-trained Arabian Sun made all the running in the 2m1f handicap under Micky Fenton, passing the post with five lengths in hand over Pochard.
Pochard is a female who can continue her winning thread in the Bet totepool On All Irish Racing Handicap.
When small town college teacher Fae Nelson discovers her pesky neighbor Lani Pochard dead in a ditch is thought by others to be the unfortunate results of a combination of alcohol, Boozabuse and mud.
First to be extinct (Paddy Power): 1-2 Baiji (Chinese Dolphin), 6-1 Madagascar Pochard (Duck), 8-1 Cross River Gorilla, 10-1 Dusky Starfrontlet (Hummingbird), Blue-crowned Laughingthrush (Bird), White-bellied Heron, 16-1 Bengal Florican (Bustard), 20-1 bar.
A watch is being kept on sanderlings and dunlins who winter at Scotland's biggest nature reserve, Vane Farm, by Loch Leven, Perth The list of birds drawn up by the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) also includes widgeon, teal, mallard, pintail, shoveler, tufted duck, gadwell, pochard and lapwing.
The other 200-plus species we sometimes see, like the cormorant, tufted duck, and pochard in our lakes or the brambling in our trees, are just passing through on their way to Scandinavia, Africa, or whatever far-flung location their instincts drive them toward.