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game: see billiardsbilliards,
any one of a number of games played with a tapered, leather-tipped stick called a cue and various numbers of balls on a rectangular, cloth-covered slate table with raised and cushioned edges.
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in architecture, an artificial body of water, usually part of the architectural complex of a garden or park. The first pools, known in the countries of the ancient East and later in ancient Greece and Rome, had a rectangular form and were used primarily for washing; in the second half of the 16th century decorative pools appeared in Italy. Beginning in the 18th century, pools with fountains or reflecting pools of rectangular or more complex shapes became an important compositional element in the architecture of parks, primarily in geometrical parks, such as Peterhof, now Petrodvorets, and Versailles. Pools are widely used in contemporary architecture (decorative pools, wading pools in children’s parks, and so on). Covered or open structures containing water for swimming are also called pools.



a type of monopolistic association that is usually characterized by being temporary. Participants in a trading pool agree to accumulate and postpone the sale of a product in order to create a shortage and a markup in prices. Option pools are created to speculate in stocks, while patent pools are formed for the joint accumulation and exploitation of patents. Participants in patent pools agree on which inventions to use and which to hold back. Pools establish rules for the distribution of total expenditures and monopolistic profits.

What does it mean when you dream about a pool?

A pool contains water, which can symbolize emotions or the realm of the unconscious mind. Unlike the ocean, however, a pool of water is more manageable, more domesticated, and thus easier to deal with. Dreaming about a pool could be alluding to these meanings, though it could be something simpler, like relaxing around a pool or around a pool table. Yet another meaning of this term is “pooling” resources.


(civil engineering)
A body of water contained in a reservoir, by a dam, or by the gates of a lock.
Underground accumulation of petroleum.
A small deep body of water, often fed by a spring.
(mining engineering)
To wedge for splitting in quarrying or mining.
To undermine or undercut.

swimming pool

Any basin or tank containing an artificial body of water sufficiently deep for swimming.


1. a deep part of a stream or river where the water runs very slowly
2. an underground accumulation of oil or gas, usually forming a reservoir in porous sedimentary rock


1. the combined stakes of the betters in many gambling sports or games; kitty
2. Commerce a group of producers who conspire to establish and maintain output levels and high prices, each member of the group being allocated a maximum quota; price ring
3. any of various billiard games in which the object is to pot all the balls with the cue ball, esp that played with 15 coloured and numbered balls; pocket billiards


Parallel Object-Oriented Language.

A series of languages from Philips Research Labs.



For many people, swimming pools are associated with summer fun, vacations, rest, and relaxation. Interpret your dream based on its content and see if any these positive feelings are being conveyed to you. All bodies of water represent our emotions and unconscious. The manner in which they are presented depends on the dreamer and on the details of the dream.
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Guests can also play pocket billiards on deluxe tables while watching "lifestyle entertainment" such as Monday Night Football, Seinfeld, ER or the X-Files on 20 conveniently-located television monitors and two giant split-screen televisions, which will also show trailers from upcoming feature films as well as classic movie clips.
A selection of other acts confirmed for this year include Ska geniuses The Pocket Billiards, Physcation, isodisco, David Lyttle and The Beat Carnival, our very own Rigsy, Daft as Punk, DJ Woody, Homecut, Miniminds and Gerard LR, with a host of others still to be announced.
Its establishments feature pocket billiards with as many as 40 tables in one location, broad coverage of most major sporting events provided on cable and satellite television, live entertainment, beverage and food service.
rds headline a e Stiffre Tonight Pocket Billiards headline a blinding line-up at The Stiff Kitten in Belfast.
The likes of LaFaro, Fighting With Wire and Pocket Billiards - all well established bands who've headlined festivals in this country - call the place a second home.
ne Featuring Fighting With Wire, Mojo Fury (right), Mmoths, Squarehead, Jogging, Lafaro, Not Squares, In Case Of Fire, Rarely Seen Above Ground, More Than Conquerors, Farriers, Colly Strings The Rupture Dogs, Silhouette, RunawayGo, Pocket Billiards, Kowalski, Tieranniesaur, Annapurna, Fragments, Gacy's Threads, Eatenbybears, In Elegance, Ryan Vail, Team Horse, Chris Campbell and Jamie Neish -28 acts playing across three stages over two days, with a food village the infamous Pigstock bar and a local artist group Firsty