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(iPOD broadCAST) An audio broadcast for playback in the computer or mobile device. A podcast is like a radio program that can be downloaded on demand. Although some are actual radio programs such as the news, podcasts cover the gamut, including fiction, education, interviews, documentaries or a magazine with various sections. There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts.

Podcasts can be individually downloaded from the Web or available via a syndication format. A media aggregator program (a "podcatcher") such as AntennaPod, gPodder and iTunes captures the audio feeds from the Internet for transfer to the player. See syndication format.

The Pod in Podcast
The playback device originally targeted was the iPod, hence the name. Podcasts are mostly in the MP3 format but can also be AAC, which most music players support.

Podcast Everything
Conceived for audio broadcasts, the concept was broadened to include images and video (see photofeed and vidcast). Electronic slide shows are created as podcasts (see enhanced podcast), and "sound seeing" is the audio recording of a person's experiences when traveling. Some museums make audio tours available as podcasts, and art students and professors create their own unauthorized and sometimes controversial narrations of famous works. See autocasting, punchcasting, learncasting and audiobook.
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