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slightly fermented, sticky food paste eaten in the Pacific islands, usually accompanied with meat, fish, or vegetables. It is made by grinding or pounding the roasted, peeled roots of the taro.


NZ a ball of woven flax swung rhythmically in poi dances


(Point Of Interest) See in-dash navigation.
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Both Foursquare and Yelp provide a three-tier hierarchical set of category tags from which users can tag a POI. Users can choose to add any number of tags from any tier and across base-tiers.
Input: POIs' indexes I',max gap M Output: A modified POIs' indexes I* (1) b = first index in (2) for each index iel' do (3) if i-b > M then (4) i = b + M; (5) I* = I* U (i, encrypted POI); (6) b = i; (7) else (8) b = i; (9) end if (10) end for (11) return I* Two steps are involved in the DSC generation.
However, the POI group had worse scores for the sleep latency component and use of medication to sleep.
POI differs from premature menopause because women with POI can still have irregular or occasional periods for years and might even become pregnant.
"If POI is triggered by HPV or other adolescent vaccine exposure, we would have expected to see elevated incidence in the younger women who were most likely to be vaccinated, but instead we observed higher incidence in older women (greater than 26 years of age), which is consistent with 1 other population-based study of POI prevalence," the authors wrote.
Based on the implicit content and observation mentioned above, we propose a novel model which considers not only the user's preferences and the content of POI, but also the region of the user's activity.
It's just too much to retain and the POI changes drastically as distance increases due to offset.
Macariola said police had continued to investigate the killings of the three POIs. A fourth POI, Alvin Mabesa, had been missing.
11 -- Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (RJIL) has noted the release of a malicious and misleading media statement by Airtel regarding provisioning of adequate POI capacity to RJIL.
Unlike the urban land attribute data that is complex for analyzing and classifying, the point of interest (POI) data, which is closely related to urban land attributes and urban planning guidance, can be easily quantified and analyzed.
An important problem in the calculation of the projected resource characteristics in operation is the construction PT possible humidity trends paper-oil insulation (POI), TO and acidity changes in operating factors such as ambient temperature and load current.
This article is not so much about shrinking groups as getting all of your groups (rifle or pistol) to hit to the same point of impact (POI.)