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pointel, pointelle

1. A pattern in a pavement, formed by small squares or lozenges laid diagonally.
2. Any similar pattern.
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Cool, crisp cotton looks great as does pointelle jersey- ideal to slip into after a hard day's work.
Left Olga coat from pounds 38, Aditi kaftan from pounds 32, Tallulah jeans pounds 34, right Pointelle wrap from pounds 28, Tallulah top from pounds 17, Makesh skirt pounds 32 all from Monsoon
There's a flatteringly cut pink suede coat - perfect for strutting down Cardiff's Queen Street if you think you're Carrie off Sex and the City - and a chunky wrap cardigan that should help ward off the winter chills (at least with a couple of pointelle thermal vests underneath).
Style conscious City girls can choose between a pointelle knit peasant top in black, pink, stone or chocolate at pounds 75 and a T-shirt with cut-work cap sleeves and back in white or black at pounds 59.
These are offered in a variety of yarns (acrylic, mohair, cotton) and stitches (cable, crochet, pointelle, patchwork).
This pointelle angora beanie is pounds 18 at Accessorize.
Sitting upon an antique silver plateau, the cake featured the couple's monogram and pointelle detailing to match the lace of the bride's gown.
Tiered sleeves, pointelle lacy effects and the cropped shrug.
Sensuous skin is the star when wearing TWINKLE shoulderless pointelle knit dress in silver metallic.
Precious attention to detail in intricate pointelle knits with lace, flirty frills and ruffles breathe an air of femininity into the collection and will fit right in with the winner's enclosure.