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With this consideration, the author has compiled an extensive bibliography, including references on poisoners throughout history, poisoning in fiction, forensic poisoning, and analytic toxicology.
The Slow Poisoners also will be at the Samurai Duck, 990 Oak St.
The Teacup Poisoner, as he was called, was sent to Parkhurst Prison where he died of a heart attack in 1990.
The RSPCA is "very concerned" about the alarming incidents and wants help to catch the poisoners.
The Underlings play the middle slot on the bill, followed by the Slow Poisoner.
If it was true that poisoners were well treated or even emancipated slaves, then what could be the motivation for the crimes?
The findings of this study, therefore, underscore the importance of cooperation between the medicolegal and law enforcement communities and serve as a foundation for the continued examination of behavioral attributes of homicidal poisoners.
A DISTRAUGHT animal lover has appealed for help to track down a poisoner who killed her two beloved cats.
Even the anthology's title, Lady Poisoners, has a deliciously old-fashioned dark air about it.
Dave Dick, who is RSPB Scotland's wildlife investigations officer, said: "These incidents bring home the utterly callous attitude of wildlife poisoners.
Dave Dick, of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Scotland, appealed for members of the public to help catch bird poisoners.