polar exploration

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polar exploration:

see AntarcticaAntarctica
, the fifth largest continent, c.5,500,000 sq mi (14,245,000 sq km), asymmetrically centered on the South Pole and almost entirely within the Antarctic Circle. Geology and Geography

Antarctica consists of two major regions: W Antarctica (c.
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; Arctic, theArctic, the
northernmost area of the earth, centered on the North Pole. The arctic regions are not coextensive with the area enclosed by the Arctic Circle (lat. 66°30'N) but are usually defined by the irregular and shifting 50°F; (10°C;) July isotherm that closely
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She said: "He was a very brave man and right at the frontline of polar exploration.
Anton Bowring, Co-leader of The Coldest Journey, with responsibility for the marine activities of the Coldest Journey said: "As well as conquering this final frontier of polar exploration, the expedition also aims to make a decisive contribution to our understanding of global climate change and its impact on the polar ice caps.
1, 1914, to begin the last great polar journey of the Heroic Age of Polar Exploration.
them her fah that she decided e people with their dreams of "I want to help more people with their dr polar exploration," she says.
The frozen ship; the histories and tales of Polar exploration.
GRANDMOTHER Angie Butler is preparing for a 12,000-mile adventure to the frozen wastes of the Antarctic to pay homage to the forgotten hero of polar exploration.
New Delhi, Jan 29 (ANI): China has set up its third Antarctic research station, also the country's first on the continent's inland, marking a significant step in polar exploration.
Yesterday Pat said: "The inspiration is Shackleton and the unsung Irish heroes of polar exploration - Tom Crean, Robert Ford, Patrick Keohane and the McCarthy Brothers.
In the past, mementos from the polar exploration have fetched large sums of money.
Murphy focuses on the later period of polar exploration, emphasizing the efforts of late nineteenth-century German explorers to join the international race for fame, national prestige and, potentially, personal wealth.
I've always been fascinated with polar exploration since I was a child so we got on Pen's website and sent him amessage.
A glossary of key terms specific to polar exploration is also included, as well as the formula for the conversion of Celsius to Fahrenheit.