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see polarization of lightpolarization of light,
orientation of the vibration pattern of light waves in a singular plane. Characteristics of Polarization

Polarization is a phenomenon peculiar to transverse waves, i.e.
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Any of several instruments used to determine the effects of substances on polarized light, in which linearly or elliptically polarized light passes through the substance being studied, and then through an analyzer.
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Edge stress can be measured with simple polariscopes and several companies manufacture edge stress meters, either manual or automated ones.
8 shows the optical image of the cube in the plane crossed polariscope when polarizing elements are parallel to the borders of the cube.
11) The polariscope is comprised of two main elements, the polarizing filters and a light source as seen in Figure 3.
This standard test method uses a polariscope in conjunction with an accessory called a "compensator" or "measuring wedge" (Fig.
For industrial applications, a portable scattered light polariscope, referred to as the SCALP, has been developed at GlasStress Ltd [6].
At the same time, when GASP permits measurement of the surface stress at the tin side of glass panels [2], the scattered light polariscope SCALP permits measurement of the stress profile through the panel thickness.
theta][theta]]>, was measured using a Gaertner optical polariscope L305 equipped with a light source of a wavelength of 5.
The model's stress analysis was made through the fotoelastic method using a polariscope, at room temperature.
In addition, the doublets will show a peculiar behaviour in the polariscope, with no distinct extinction, which points toward an assembled stone.
Each model was loaded with a force P=220N through a system of levers and weights and examined in the polarized light from a circular polariscope.
theta][theta]]), was measured using a Gaertner optical polariscope L305 equipped with a light source with a wavelength of 5.
The cabochon was transparent to semi-transparent, and a bull's-eye optic figure was easily detected using a standard polariscope.