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The Chief Executive, Pesco Anwar UlHaqYousafzai on this occasion said that quality will be first priority in preparing spin poles and there will be no compromise on the quality and standard.
Utility companies have experts on staff managing their large wood-pole inventories, determining which poles must be repaired, reinforced, or replaced.
Under the bill, the pole attachment fee shall be equal to the sum of the additional expense and the pole premium.
Might seem obvious, but tie the line to the narrow end of the pole.
One of the largest sources of emissions that needs to be tackled is the gauge pole penetration as typical for open-top tanks, he says.
The landing area of the pole vault is covered with high-tech mats with foam to minimise the possibility of injury to the athletes.
The theft of this pole and its transfer to Seattle by steamship and its intriguing journey back home is just one example of the stories collected in this book.
At each run-up length the participant used a self-selected combination of pole length, pole stiffness, and grip height.
Pole Fit focuses on the fitness aspect of the routine.
While actually hunting, use one pole and carry your bow in the other hand.
The purpose of a series of projects undertaken by the authors was to evaluate the feasibility of, and the problems encountered when, reusing decommissioned penta-treated utility poles for other industrial products, such as bridge beams and utility pole crossarms.
There is a further problem of double poles, which occurs when a utility pole is broken or failing because of age and a new pole is placed next to it.