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We are extremely pleased with the successful results the Metro-Nashville Police Department was able to achieve with our AFIS technology," said Dean Petty, Client Solutions Manager, Identification Solutions Division of NEC Corporation of America.
For many years, she has inspired innovative training and progressive personnel practices, such as the leadership book review program and frequent updates of job descriptions, that have made the city and the police department better prepared to implement change.
The Long Beach Police Department has experienced success while using the COPS philosophy.
We are pleased to work with WiBlast and the Nantucket Police Department to help ensure the safety of the island community and its visitors.
Chief Byrne of the Middletown, New York, Police Department delivered this speech to the Middletown City-wide Neighborhood Watch.
The Huntsville Police Department joins the Mobile (AL) Police Department as the second Full Use Access Agencies (FUAA) AFIS in the State of Alabama with automated connectivity to the NEC AFIS located at the Alabama Bureau of Investigation (ABI) in Montgomery.
The German Township Police Department found the road to accreditation difficult.
70-year-old Tom Biodrowski and 32-year-old Erik Delgado were El Monte City Commissioners who openly opposed Measure P, which was designed to increase taxes to support an increase in El Monte Police Department pension benefits.
29 to help kick off a fund-raising drive for a K-9 team for the police department.
Fortunately, privatization of certain police department functions has proven a powerful solution to the problem.
Murrey has been named Chief of the CMHA Police Department.
Tripling the size of a police department in 2 1/2 years is fraught with danger .