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see poliomyelitispoliomyelitis
, polio,
or infantile paralysis,
acute viral infection, mainly of children but also affecting older persons. There are three immunologic types of poliomyelitis virus, one of which was eradicated in 1999; exposure to one type produces immunity
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In addition, the Japanese grant will be used to replace aging stocks of cold chain materials, reagents and other essential equipment needed to be able to accurately isolate and identify wild polio virus from stool and environmental samples.
Pakistan's Polio Eradication Programme has come a long way toward building a future in which polio no longer endangers children, families, and communities across the country.
The new grant will help strengthen polio surveillance through new technology and contribute towards polio eradication in the country.
Suhail Ahmed Chaudhry, he responded that polio virus has been confirmed in the sewerage water of Pirwadhai and adjacent areas, however polio virus has not been confirmed in any child of Rawalpindi.
Although the government has taken measures to ensure the safety of polio workers as polio teams are accompanied by police officials and police mobiles, these measures have helped little in controlling these killings.
In December last year, a polio case of a 16-months-old child surfaced in Gulistan tehsil of Qilla Abdullah district, mainly becauseparents of the child had refused the anti-polio vaccinations when provided.
He said Punjab had completed the year 2016 without a single polio case.
Muhammad Zubair Khan said we are close to eradicate polio in FATA.
Total eight polio cases were reported in 2017 in Pakistan while three cases were emerged from Balochistan in Zhob, Chaman Pishin.
This polio outbreak in Syria is a small indication of the horrors war can inflict.
It is hoped that 2017 will be the end of the polio virus in Afghanistan with the lowest number expected this year.
Claims Mr Norris "secured PS400m funding to end polio" and that "in five years, polio will be eradicated as a result of that [funding]" were questioned locally; certainly the later claim concerning polio eradication is potentially grossly misleading.