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Furthermore, if it is true that Neuhaus's "ultimate goal is nothing less than the end of secular politics in America," why did Linker go to work for him in the first place?
Swett argues that men responded to their disorientation and humiliation by withdrawing into a local culture of radicalism from which women were excluded: "It was through radical politics that many men sought to halt the dissolution of male authority in the home and neighborhood" (p.
Be that as it may, the author demonstrates knowledge of the inner workings of Jordanian politics.
Antonio Villaraigosa was elected on the promise to shatter the corrupted, out-of-touch system of city politics.
His concept of the spectacle crystallized a more general feeling that people don't participate in politics but comprise the audience for the "acts" politicians present.
One may argue that the political milieu of Pakistan is such that the country is not mature enough to accommodate the ideological parties; therefore, the dynastic politics fill the political void because otherwise there would be a vacuum of political leadership.
The former speaker said Nigerian youths or young politicians need to brace up and be courageous to seek political relevance through active participation in politics.
Shehbaz Sharif said, on the one side there was service, honesty and hard work while on other side was politics of allegations, lies and anarchy.
The Chief Minister said people had supported the politics of service, honesty and transparency.
GE-l's closest friend, revealed that GE-l no longer wants to stay in politics.
Comparative Environmental Politics provides a long-needed foundation for and much overdue effort to bring cutting-edge comparative political science research and insights to environmental issues.
POLITICS IS often reduced to policy and presented in a rational form.