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Politzer, Adam


Born Oct. 1, 1835, in Albertirsa, Hungary; died Aug. 10, 1920, in Vienna. Austrian physician and one of the founders of otiatrics.

In 1859, Politzer graduated from the University of Jena. In 1861 a course in otiatrics was introduced at the University of Vienna on Politzer’s initiative. In 1870 he became the first professor of otiatrics in the world. In 1873 he organized a special ear clinic in Vienna, which he directed until the end of his life. His principal works were on the clinical treatment of cholesteatoma, chronic catarrh of the middle ear, and otosclerosis. Politzer developed a number of intra-aural operations of the auditory ossicles, and proposed a method of inflation of the ear, now called politzerization. He was the author of a unique manual of ear diseases (1878) and of the first work on the history of otolaryngology (1907–13). He created a school of otiatrists.


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Politzerization has generally not been well accepted by patients, and it traditionally has not been suitable for use in the home setting.
In an attempt to obviate the disadvantages of office-based politzerization, we conducted a National Institutes of Health--supported, randomized, controlled study of the feasibility of using our modified Politzer device to treat persistent MEE and associated hearing loss in the home setting.
The patency of the eustachian tube is assessed by Valsalva's maneuver and/or politzerization. We also check to determine if the ear is dry and free of cholesteatoma, and to see if the entire margin of the perforation is visible and the annulus tympanicus is intact.
This study evaluated the efficacy of politzerization with an automated, hand-held device that controls volume velocity (airflow) in the treatment of 20 children with otitis media with effusion.