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see codcod,
member of the large family Gadidae, comprising commercially important food fishes. The family, whose members are found in the N Atlantic and Pacific, includes the tomcods, the haddock, and the pollacks (or pollocks).
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(Pollachius virens), a marine pelagic fish of the family Gadidae. The body reaches a length of 120 cm and a weight of 10 kg. The pollack is distributed in the northern regions of the Atlantic Ocean. It is common in the Barents Sea, especially in the southern part, and it is also encountered in the White Sea. In early summer the fish migrates north, and in autumn it journeys south. The pollack, which makes daily vertical migrations, feeds on small fishes and pelagic crustaceans. Spawning occurs from January to April, and the roe are pelagic. The pollack is commercially fished.


, pollock
a gadoid food fish, Pollachius pollachius, that has a dark green back and a projecting lower jaw and occurs in northern seas, esp the North Atlantic Ocean
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When told of the fan's reaction, Pollack smiled back.
Pollack said the eaglets are a couple of weeks from leaving the nest and are no longer small and vulnerable, where they could become food for other birds if the adult is away.
Seasonal workers place the pollack on wooden racks deep in the mountains.
And since you'll be doing a lot of walking and standing, Pollack advises that you wear a comfortable pair of shoes.
In addition to receiving a number of awards for her research, Pollack has been honored for her professional service, for example, with the University of Michigan's Sarah Goddard Power Award in recognition of her efforts to increase the representation of and climate for women and underrepresented minorities in science and engineering.
Carolyn Pollack Jewelry integrates many colorful, semi-precious gemstones into settings that feature signature scroll work, elegant clasps, and beautiful details that make every piece something a woman will want to have forever.
Pollack argues that it is not a single, major event, but rather the slow accumulation of minor setbacks and a consistent lack of encouragement that eventually drives women out of science.
Jonathan Pollack, former global head of commercial real estate at Deutsche Bank (NYSE: DB), has joined Blackstone Group.
The second match featured 25 entrants, with 11 weighing in four codling, three flounder, three sand dabs, two rockling, two coalfish and one pollack.
Michael Pollack, an accomplished attorney with more than 30 years of experience in commercial real estate transactions, related corporate work, and real estate-related litigation management, has joined Ballard Spahr as of counsel in New York, Bart I.
Police say Jeffrey Ian Pollack was found collapsed early Monday morning in the Greenbelt jogging area of Hermosa Beach, about 20 miles southwest of Los Angeles.
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