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see tadpoletadpole,
larval, aquatic stage of any of the amphibian animals. After hatching from the egg, the tadpole, sometimes called a polliwog, is gill-breathing and legless and propels itself by means of a tail.
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Soon the other polliwogs began to tire of polliwog games.
At long last, with the rest of the family now gathered on the creek bank shouting instructions and, occasionally, encouragement, I finally made a lucky pass that brought up a total of eight polliwogs, and we headed back to the car.
The polliwogs have vanished, but Catherine only leans over farther, beckoning them with promises of a nice home.
There are no fish in Mono Lake--no frogs, no snakes, no polliwogs --nothing, in fact, that goes to make life desirable.
As soon as winter snows melted in the fields and the last ice thawed in spring, we eagerly visited a nearby pond to see if the polliwogs had hatched.
Those that step forward must prove themselves trustworthy, not polliwogs - tadpoles learning to swim with the frogs in the grown ups' pond.
islands, / like frogs' eggs turning into polliwogs of islands,
She and her best friend Silvia run "off to climb trees or dam the creek or play with kittens or catch polliwogs and roam the woods and hills, as free as sparrows" (14).
MacNaughton, "Promoting Clean Water in Nineteenth-Century Public Policy: Professors, Preachers, and Polliwogs in Kingston, Ontario," Histoire Sociale/Social History 32 (1999): 49-61.
These two books are both about frogs and polliwogs.
Or these forms may be elementally allied to earth in a great variety of ways and with varying degrees of solidity or hardness: examples are berries, breasts (wh ich may be "rocky"), bread crumbs, seeds, sand grains (varied as diamonds), islands, helmets, armored cars, multiple rings of wire or string wrapped around a neck or head, the rounded forms of dead birds and polliwogs.
nightmares of other islands stretching away from mine, infinities of islands, islands spawning islands, like frogs' eggs turning into polliwogs of islands.