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Gold-lace polyanthus have flowers like black velvet, held symmetrically at the top of a straight stem.
If you want a plant to survive more than one season look out for hardy strains like primrose Husky or polyanthus Crescendo.
Because polyanthus bloom stalks stand tall in the landscape, they show up well in flower beds.
Two strains in which Florence took particular interest were the gold-lace polyanthus beloved by old florists, who grew them for competition, and the Elizabethan primroses - all manner of bizarre polyanthus and primroses with extended calyces or one flower inside another.
All gardeners look forward, they do not dwell in the past, the future is always bright - just like those Polyanthus. Gardeners are always willing to give advice, swap plants and opinions; it would be a much more pleasant world if everyone were a gardener.
Create stunning colour in your garden with our much-loved mixture of Polyanthus Crescendo Rainbow.
plan | for next spring - now's the time to start sowing seeds of Bellis perennis, polyanthus, pansies and wallflowers so they will be in flower to brighten up the garden in late winter/early spring.
Andy Talbot, from Coventry BID, added: "The bulk of the plants are vividly coloured polyanthus, which will come up year after year if well looked after."
What I also know is that such perennials as polyanthus, pansies, primula etc are not frost tender and it's these which are thrown onto the compost heaps.
For a vibrant display, partner them with bright double primulas or polyanthus.
Arrange pots of polyanthus with frost-sensitive varieties of Primula obconica and Primula malacoides, to brighten up windowsills indoors.
If it's not too frosty, lift and divide large clumps of polyanthus then replant them around the garden