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the theory that modern man (Neoan-thropinae) simultaneously evolved in several areas of the world. According to polycentrism, modern man developed in each area as a result of the independent evolution first of Archantropinae and then of Paleoanthropinae. In each case, a specific race appeared, such as Europeoid, Negroid, or Mongoloid. The American anthropologist F. Weidenreich is considered one of the originators of this theory. A supporter of polycentrism among Soviet scholars was G. F. Debets. Polycentrism tends to be disproved on the basis of the absence of morphological similarities between fossil remains of man and the races presently in existence in a given area. The great similarity between the various races with respect to many unrelated features also disproves the theory. Monocentrism is the opposing theory and more widely accepted by anthropologists.


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Our analysis suggests that effective sustainable governance should be proactive in its content orientation while using a reflexive or polycentric mechanism for its technical legislative implementation.
There exist numerous historical examples of the abovementioned process of the development of hard legal institutions on the foundation of their soft counterparts, some of which point to monocentric, and some to polycentric results.
More specifically, our goal was to investigate the differences in purchase behavior of ethnocentric and polycentric consumer segments and thus gain insights into consumption behavior, relevant from theoretical and managerial perspectives.
Hong Kong's polycentric cultural identity thus manifests as an urban non-space, or a space of "dis-appearance," as Abbas would call it, where cinematic representations of Hong Kong is always transient, elusive, and out of sync with the present times.
Third, the polycentric arrangement is also designed to protect individuals and minorities and provide outside help in emergency cases, but abstain from interfering under normal conditions.
Special Representative of the Secretary-General on the Issue of Human Rights and Transnational Corporations and Other Business Enterprises (SRSG) John Ruggie referred to the "Protect, Respect, and Remedy" Framework (PRR Framework) and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (Guiding Principles) as a polycentric governance system.
It's essential we see some polycentric urban development and a fuller development of economic growth be it in Cardiff or Swansea that regenerates the Valleys communities in particular.
20) In short, constructing an authoritative framework for business and human rights inevitably was an exercise in polycentric governance.
They must have a polycentric view, a tolerance for ambiguity, the aptitude for cross-cultural training, and some knowledge of the foreign language.
An organization with a Polycentric organization design would utilize this type of training (Perlmutter, 1965).
Luca Somigli's intriguing essay focuses on "the mysteries of Bologna" after a detailed overview of Italian crime fiction as socially engaged fiction which is also geographically polycentric.