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the theory that modern man (Neoan-thropinae) simultaneously evolved in several areas of the world. According to polycentrism, modern man developed in each area as a result of the independent evolution first of Archantropinae and then of Paleoanthropinae. In each case, a specific race appeared, such as Europeoid, Negroid, or Mongoloid. The American anthropologist F. Weidenreich is considered one of the originators of this theory. A supporter of polycentrism among Soviet scholars was G. F. Debets. Polycentrism tends to be disproved on the basis of the absence of morphological similarities between fossil remains of man and the races presently in existence in a given area. The great similarity between the various races with respect to many unrelated features also disproves the theory. Monocentrism is the opposing theory and more widely accepted by anthropologists.


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It is constituted by the descriptive concept of polycentric governance, a normative theory concerning what leads to polycentric governance which is considered desirable on the whole, a positive theory that hypothesizes what elements determine specific types of governance, and an analytical framework that aims to examine the explanatory and normative claims of positive and normative polycentricity theory.
After investigation of all urban form variables, urban form of Lahore was found to be Polycentric in nature and was bridging towards sprawling.
One of the unique features of a competitive, contractual, polycentric legal order is that the role it assigns to hard legal institutions is merely to make the enforcement of rules based on the underlying soft legal institutions more effective.
Inside these large urban areas changes in land use, spatial dynamics, urban sprawl, polycentric development and urban shrinkage can be observed and analyzed.
Conversely, consumers, who may choose to either ignore COO information in their product choices and/or exhibit preferences for imported products/services, can be characterized as polycentric in their purchase orientation.
While Infernal Affairs represents Hong Kong as a polycentric Non-City in its discourse on political polycentrism and moral ambiguity that characterize post-colonial Hong Kong society, The Departed depicts Boston as a paradigmatic Crime City, where laws of hierarchy and retribution prevail in a social structure that is dichotomized, in the sense that the society is understood in terms of good and evil, justice and punishment, right and wrong.
Another of the authors' concerns is the difficulty of developing a real service culture in an environment that is more grounded in "19th century hierarchical models of parliamentary governance [than] the kind of 21st century polycentric, collaborative and open boundary approaches to service delivery that are emerging in many developed polities" (p.
Special Representative of the Secretary-General on the Issue of Human Rights and Transnational Corporations and Other Business Enterprises (SRSG) John Ruggie referred to the "Protect, Respect, and Remedy" Framework (PRR Framework) and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (Guiding Principles) as a polycentric governance system.
The liberal democracy is organized as a polycentric political system, where no one has ultimate monopoly over the legitimate use of force; the rulers are constrained and limited.
Polycentric monarchies; how did early modern Spain and Portugal achieve and maintain a global hegemony?
France attaches great importance to compliance with this provision, which reflects the commitment of Europe's founders to build a polycentric Europe," added the French minister.