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a medical establishment providing many types of outpatient care to the public. Polyclinics have staffs of specialists and supplies and equipment that provide specialized medical care both at the polyclinic and at home.

In the USSR, outpatient clinics and polyclinics are generally located in hospitals, although independent polyclinics also exist. All polyclinics have offices staffed by physicians specializing in most major branches of medicine. They also have physiotherapy divisions and clinical and diagnostic laboratories.

Preventive treatment provided in polyclinics includes regular physical examinations of workers; specialized examinations to detect incipient forms of such diseases as cancer, tuberculosis, and diabetes; vaccinations; and dispensary programs for various categories of the population. Polyclinics operate according to the district principle.

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The senator together with the acting governor Alexander Gusev visited the city polyclinic No.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 29, 2017-Georgia Healthcare Acquires a District Polyclinic in Tbilisi
There are at least 498 polyclinics in Cuba 'serving a catchment area of between 30,000 and 60,000 people.
Shifa Al Jazeera, a well-established hospital chain in the Gulf region, will open its first premium polyclinic in Al Khuwair on September 29 with free of charge treatment for patients till October 29, the senior official said.
Earlier this month, police raided the hospitals of the E[currency]ifa and BaE-kent universities in yzmir and demanded they close their polyclinics within three days.
Omar Al-Ajaji and to support the growth of the company by opening additional polyclinics and diversifying the offering of treatments and specialties at the existing facilities.
Shri Antony expressed confidence that with the commissioning of the remaining polyclinics the bulk of the ex-servicemen population throughout the country would be covered by the scheme.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian Red Crescent Society (RC) plans to open a third polyclinic in Kenya as part of Tehran's medical and social aid program for improving the health care system of the African nation.
As a result of the highly affordable healthcare charges, polyclinics attract large patient attendance volumes which result in relatively long wait to see doctors by the patients during their polyclinic visits (1), (2).
People do not have to register with polyclinics, they can use them as walkin centres while still being on the list of their usual practice.
Patients do not have to register with polyclinics - they can use them as walk-in centres while still being on the list of their usual practice.
Doctors Group has been in the medical field for about two decades and is operating a number of polyclinics in the UAE.