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We performed immunofluorescence staining of permeabilized infected cells using HEV-C polyclonal antiserum (online Technical Appendix).
Polyclonal antiserum production was performed as described by Choi et al.
Consequently, it is not possible to predict the efficiency with which a given polyclonal antiserum will detect different antigenic epitopes of an immobilized, denatured target protein.
However, the primary reaction of a polyclonal antiserum will be with the whole antigen against which it was raised (Culliford 1964).
An indirect immunoperoxidase test, using anti-BTV/EHDV polyclonal antiserum of porcine origin (VMRD Inc., Pullman, WA, USA) and direct fluorescence assay using an anti-BTV monoclonal antiserum fluorescein conjugate (VMRD) were performed for virus identification (1).
These features make the yeast display a suitable tool to accurately map the antibody epitope in mAbs, patient serum, and polyclonal antiserum from immunized small animals.
Identification of skate Muller cells was based on their morphological resemblance to cells previously shown to display positive staining using a polyclonal antiserum raised to chick glutamine synthetase, which selectively stains glial cells in the intact retina of skate and other vertebrates (11).
Immunohistochemical investigation, using polyclonal antiserum obtained from a rabbit experimentally infected with B.
Mouse anti-hK13 polyclonal antiserum was diluted 500-fold in a general diluent [60 g/L BSA, 50 mmol/L Tris (pH 7.80), 0.5 g/L sodium azide], and 100 [micro]L was applied to each well.
Moreover, a polyclonal antiserum has been raised against a portion of the N[H.sub.2]-terminal amino acid sequence of the SqKv1A [K.sup.+] channel (4) - an intracellular epitope.