polygonum bistorta

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Infectious disease fighter, very strong astringent (stops internal and external bleeding). Used for diarrhea, ibs, ulcerative colitis, dysentery, mouth sores, vaginal discharge, gargle for sore throat. Whole plant is useable. Plant has tall spike stem, whose top is covered with a clublike cluster of pink flowers
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Comments: Perlaura, a Polygonum bistorta root extract, reinforces the DEL increases skin homeostasis and helps restore Functionality of the epidermis by improving levels of Perlecan and llystroglycan expression.
I experimentally tested these hypotheses by manipulating the nitrogen and water content of two commonly selected forage species (Polygonum bistorta and Carex spp.) and using a cafeteria-style arrangement as described previously.
He suggested that "a species like Polygonum bistorta with a relatively low responsiveness but large flat leaves, will outcompete more efficient narrow-leafed plants like Erigeron and Potentilla that suddenly receive more shade." Therefore, even though he believed that broad-leafed plants would be less responsive to elevated C[O.sub.2] than narrow-leafed ones, at the community level the former would be favored.