polygonum punctatum

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dotted smartweed

dotted smartweed

Strong burning taste, use leaves and stems as pepper-like spice. Constricts blood vessels, so don’t use if you have blood pressure issues. Diuretic, astringent, used to stop bleeding, like hemorrhoids, intestinal and uterine bleeding. Thin, smooth, lance-shaped leaves. Clusters of small green-white-pink flowers with dots.
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The present study aimed evaluating the ability for remediation of water containing the insecticide chlorpyrifos by means of constructed wetlands cultivated with the species Polygonum punctatum, Cynodon spp.
El segundo conjunto incluye a Paspalum distichum, Echinochloa holciformis, Polygonum punctatum, Lilaeopsis schaffneriana, Eleocharis densa, Myriophyllum heterophyllum, Poa annua y Ranunculus cymbalaria.
X Polygonum punctatum Elliott X Polygonum ramosissimum Michx.
Em X Polygonum punctatum Elliott Em X X Polygonum stelligerum Cham.
By January 2003, soils were dry 30 cm below the surface and the ground surface was covered completely by thatch of Schoenoplectus, with a few small seedlings of Polygonum punctatum as the only live, aboveground vegetation.
Polygonum punctatum Elliott (Water smartweed; TAC 3995) is a native species occurring in wet areas throughout Texas, but it is more common in the eastern one-half of the state (Diggs et al.